Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facts of Shayna

So yesterday, Miss Whitney hosted a fun link-up where everyone shared some fun facts about themselves.  Clearly I'm slacking a little but, better late than never right!?

It's been a little bit since I've shared some fun facts about myself & since I have some new peeps around here (HI!) I figured I would go ahead & fill y'all in on some stuff!

The Facts of Me

- I love a clean & organized house.  With that said, my house is usually in shambles most days.  It gets cleaned spick & span 30 minutes before guest arrive.  #truestory
Story of my life..

- I love having the house to myself from time to time... buuut, I can't stand to sleep alone in the house.  Old house = random noises at night = no bueno for this chick!

- I didn't dye or hi-light my hair ever until I was 21.  Yep!  One of my best friends & I were bored & I decided I was ready to dye my hair.  So, we dyed it black.  It was in November & I was as pale as a ghost.  Smart move.

- Speaking of hair, it never fails that someone at the salon comments on how thick & just how much hair I have.  Yes, there's a lot of it... I've tried to make it thin but, it never works!  Thankfully, I've learned to tame it a little.

- I'm a sucker for a good bag.  I love hand bags/purses but, I really love large bags that will fit gym clothes or quick overnight trips.  Matt has tried multiple times to convince me that I have enough bags.  I have told him multiple times to build me a big BIG closet in our next house.  Easy enough right??

- I've said it before & I'll say it again... I'm a slave to reality tv.  I can't help but watch all of these crazy people over & over & over!  I'm sure there's a rehab for this but, I'm not interested.

- I've never gotten into any of the awards shows.  It wasn't until I started blogging that I knew there was an "awards season".  HA!  I do love seeing all of the pretty dresses & stuff but, I just haven't been able to get into all of the fluff.  (No offense to anyone who is... it's just not my thang!)

There you have it... 7 random facts about moi!
Hopefully, y'all learned something new & maybe can relate to one!?

Tell me in the comments a random fact about you!


  1. Stopping by from the linkup! I am 23 and have never dyed or highlighted my hair, but many days I think about it. And I also have thick hair, which I'm not a fan of most of the time.

    Random fact about me: I love board games! Scrabble is my favorite!

  2. I hardly watch those awards shows too! I just like the best/worst dressed recap haha


  3. love these. Im like you sleep alone NO. Love a big bag the bigger the better. Reality junkie twin right here

  4. I am a reality tv junkie too! It's terrible but I can't quit it. And I hate sleeping alone too. Newest follower here!


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