Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm The List Maker Type

Hey y'all!!!  Happy Happy Friday!!!

It seems like this week has druuuug on & on... thankfully it's Friday & that means we're all just a few short hours away from FREEDOM!!!  (Don't tell me if you're off today or leaving early)  :)

I've got sort of mix bag of topics for today....

First, let's talk The Bachelor...

I like Sean... I really really do.  However, where do they find these crazy girls at!?  I mean for real!  Some of them seem very sweet & genuine but, then there's others... like Tierra.  Y'all I think that girl is absolutely loony... certifiable!  So far, I don't have anyone picked out to win, do you?

For the last month I've been participating in a 30 Day Office Challenge... I've been trying to get my life back in order after the holidays, eat healthy & get my workout on.  To be honest, I've been slacking & I'm not loving it.  However, yesterday I went for a walk with a co-worker on our lunch break... it felt SO GOOD to get out of the office & get some fresh air!
We got in 2.16 miles in just over 30 minutes!  Next week we're hittin' the pavement at least 3 times!
I'll tell y'all more about the 30 Day Challenge when we finish & let y'all know how bad I did!

If you know me, you know that I'm a pretty organized person.  I keep a running "To-Do" list for daily & weekly things that well, need to be done.  List just keep me motivated & make me feel good when there's a page full of those check marks!  You know what I mean!?  Don't leave me hanging here girls.
Buuut... not so much the case yesterday!
I now have an awesome Friday night ahead of me!

I know, you're so jealous! HA!

Seems like I've had some failures this week... Good thing I can laugh about it all!
Here's to a weekend of getting re-organized & back on top of my game.
(Yes, I've got game... roll with it, please.)

Oh, one more thing I MUST share with y'all... Vistaprint has an awesome Groupon offer right now!  $12 for $48 worth of ANY products/printing!!!  Y'all go & get yo Groupon on!

*I have not been compensated by Groupon or Vistaprint in any way... I just thought this was an awesome deal & would be a terrible person/friend/blogger if I didn't pass along said awesome deal.*

I hope y'all have a great weekend!!!


  1. I was seriously wondering the same thing about the girls on the many looney bins!!!

  2. I love a good to-do list! Keeps me motivated!

  3. Those girls are so crazy, but I guess that is why I watch every Monday. My favorites so far as Lindsay and Desiree. Super cute and super funny!
    Way to go on your run!


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