Thursday, January 17, 2013

Saw It. Pinned It. Did It. - Gel Nails

Hey y'all!  It's Thursday! It's Thursday!  Only the best work day next to Friday, of course!

Don't y'all just love Pinterest?
I do.  I find myself building the most amazing dream home.
I'll have the cutest little kids that you've ever seen running around in that dream home
I'll be sporting the most rockin' bod out by my dream pool
Then whippin' up the most delicious recipes for the fam at the end of the day... & of course they're all healthy!

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

Another reason I love Pinterest so much?

The beauty tips & tricks you can find!!!
So, today I want to share one I found for At-Home Gel Nail Removal

As we all know Gel Nails are the new craze.  I've yet to fall in love with them but, I do think they look nice.  After getting my nails done a couple of weeks ago with some girlfriends, they've started to wear off a bit & chip.  Plus my nails grow really fast so they moved away from the cuticle really fast which, drives me nuts!

Since I'm a born bargainista & not wanting to spend any unnecessary money right now, I decided I would remove my gel nails at home!

Here's my original pin:
In 2013, let's promise to never rip our gel nails off again. Instead, you can take them off like a pro at home. Follow the link for all the steps. xo

The supplies I used:
5 cotton balls pulled in half
Nail file
10 square foil pieces - I cut mine
4 way nail file (a different name?)
Clear nail polish for the finished product
Orange Stick - not pictured & not really used  :)

I roughed up my nails as best I could, mainly trying to get all of the "shiny" part off

After all the "shiny" is off, foil your fingers!  I found it easiest to wet all of the cotton pieces & lay them each on a foil piece.  Then, starting with your pinkie lay your finger on the foil, place the cotton ball on top of your nail & wrap the foil around.
Let them set for a good 8 minutes.

After removing the foil you'll begin to remove the gel from your nails.  This is where the orange stick was supposed to come into play but, I found it worked best just to use my other nails.  & don't worry if your nails are looking a little crummy at this point...
they'll get better!
Go wash your hands thoroughly & pick off any other gel that might still be on there.

Then, I used the 4 way nail file & worked my way around all 10 fingers until I was happy with the way they looked.  Once I had my nails filed & buffed to perfection (HA!) I painted my nails with a clear coat.  They now look so fresh & so clean, clean!

I'm so happy to have the gel nails off & I saved a little cha-ching by doing it myself, at home!  That's a Win Win if you ask me!

Have you ever removed Gel Nails yourself?

Do you enjoy doing at-home manicures?

Be sure to stop by Steph or Katie's blogs & see what everyone else has completed... Thanks to Pinterest!  Come find me on Pinterest here!


  1. I've always wondered this too and I HATE trying to get it off! this is a great tutorial!!! :) thanks for linking up dear!

  2. ooh love the new blog design!! very snazzy, love it! p.s. love your engagement rin, gorgeous!

  3. I'm going to try this next time I take my gel nails off! I normally just soak them in a bowl of acetone, but I wouldn't say it's super fast. Lots of soaking, scraping, re-soaking and more scraping. Hopefully this is much better! Thanks for the tutorial!


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