Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekend Rundown!

Hey y'all!  Happy Monday Wednesday!!!

Gah, where has the week gone!?  Well, I guess a weekend update is better late than never, right!?

I sure hope so!

Our weekend was full of go, go, go... go figure!

Friday night was originally supposed to be a low-key night of checking things off of my "to-do" list.  That quickly changed when some friends called with a couple extra tickets to the rodeo & wanted us to join them!  Of course we said "YES!"  So, up we went to go get ready & off to the rodeo we went!

We had such a fun time & I can't wait to go back once or twice more before it's over for this year!

Saturday I was up early & off with a couple of my best girlfriends to do some wedding craft shopping!  Of course we came back home & got right to crafting!  Chelle & I were working on a project that involved cutting up t-shirts... what else were we supposed to do with the shirt sleeves??

We were able to get a lot done Saturday & Sunday & I feel pretty accomplished after checking several things off my list!  CHA-CHING!

Saturday night we had my works annual awards banquet... it was fun but boy were we tired from being out the night before & shopping & crafting all day!  (Getting older is rough I tell ya!)

I've been a little under the weather since Sunday which explains my non-existence!  I'm hoping I'm on the mend because honestly, "I ain't got no time for that!"

Thought I would share this with y'all too... saw it on my way home from work on Monday!
That my friends, is a God thing.  SO pretty!  My Mom always called them "stairways to Heaven" - my heart smiled a little extra on Monday!

I hope y'all had a great weekend & start to the week!


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