Thursday, February 28, 2013

On Life & Being Happy Happy Happy

Yes, I just made a Duck Dynasty reference in the title.  If you don't know what I'm talking about do yourself a favor & set your DVR to record ALL Duck Dynasty episodes.  Take a few hours & enjoy the redneck hilariousness (is that a word? Today it is) of the Robertson family!

To say that A LOT has been going on in life lately would be an understatement.  A couple weeks ago I finally met my breaking point.  I felt like I was standing in the middle of life & the world just passing me by.  I felt like I was in this whirlwind that I couldn't stop or at least get a handle on.  I broke down.  I got angry & I cried... I may have even wallered in my own pitty for a little bit too.

But then I got to thinking... Girlfriend... You have a choice here - either sit around moping & be miserable because life isn't all sunshine & roses right now OR do something about it, do things that make you HAPPY! 

So, that's exactly what I've been doing.  Trying to look at each day & life as a whole, as the glass half FULL.

Honestly, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Granted, there's still a lot going on & a lot of "big life" & "big people" decisions to be made but, I'm finding the happiness, joy & blessings in it all.  It's really a great way to look at life... why haven't I figured this out before??

Not only have I generally been happier as a person, but mine & Matthew's relationship has changed - changed for the better.  I don't remember laughing as much or being as goofy as we have been the last couple of weeks in a long time.  That makes me sort of sad but, it also makes me happy.  I'm glad that I/we can see the difference in our relationship... we can see where we were before & where we're going - & we don't want to go back!

Ok, I'm not sure where I'm going with this post.  I guess just to pass along what I've had an epiphany about here recently.
Be positive, be happy, be thankful for what you have
That's the truth & I'm figuring it out each & every day!

Find what makes you smile, what makes your heart full & most of all what makes you HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Make it a great day y'all!

P.S. - I've been thinking about the topic of what makes me happy & what makes me tick for a while now, I just now found it!  I've looked to others for inspiration, particularly this little ray of sunshine.  Check her out & be inspired, just as I have been!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday! (+ A Little Help!?)

Hey y'all!  Happy Hump Day!!!

There is A LOT going on on the wedding front here lately... with just 66 days to go, yes SIXTY-SIX DAYS... My life is pretty much revolving around all things wedding these days.

(Come on May 4th!)

A few weeks ago we got our invitations in.  A very good friend of mine's Dad actually owns a printing company so He offered to print our invitations for us as our wedding gift!  I was blown away and am so thankful for him doing that for us!

I had originally found the exact invitations I wanted on Etsy buuut, in the name of saving a buck or two & with my Aunt's graphic design skills, she created the exact invitations that I wanted!
I am just so in LOVE!

We're starting to put them together & get them addressed... they'll be ready to go before we know it!!!

After my brain fail the other weekend, I finally got all of my pre-addressed envelopes back & have signed, sealed & delivered those awesome Thank You notes to the post office!

I ordered these from VistaPrint & couldn't be more happy with them!  I've loved using them so far for shower "thank yous" & I figure that if I don't use all of them for the wedding, they're versatile enough that I can use them for any occasion.

Now, here's something that I put on my February goals... figuring out my wedding cake!
You see, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted.  And then.... I got to thinking, "Does this cake go along with the rest of the theme?"  "Self, your wedding cake is one of the first things your guest will see when they get to the reception... it's going to make a statement & you need/better get this right!"  So, y'all see what my dilemma is??  Here's some cakes that I really like... some I love!
1. Love
2. Love. Love. Love.
3. Like but, not really my style...
4. Like it but, not in love
5. Love it... so simple yet so pretty
6. SO fun!  Not sure if it goes with the theme though

7. Similar to my shower cake... Love the simplicity
8. So simple yet so pretty
9. I've been in love with this cake since before we were engaged...
10. Same as #9 buuutt.... not sure it goes with the overall theme
11.  I love that you get a little bit of everything
12. It's so different & so cute... my exact wedding colors too!

What do y'all think??  Is there one that sticks out to you??
(I'm seriously taking opinions into consideration!)

Our wedding will be green & white with white lights, mason jars, burlap & lace... if that gives you any sort of idea what my "theme" is.

Wedding season is officially beginning!!!  We have a wedding this weekend & next... as well as our wedding photographer saying "I Do" next weekend AND my blogging friend Meg!

So many brides to be IRL & blog land... SO EXCITING!!!

Don't forget... I'm serious about cake opinions!  Thanks in advance!  :)

Make it a HAPPY day!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday y'all!  I know, I know... it's Monday.  How on Earth could I be happy!?  Well, because it's a choice we each make every single day... to be happy or not to be happy.  And friends, today I'm choosing to be happy!  (Try it, I dare ya!)

This weekend wasn't too crazy for us & it was really nice to have a slow paced weekend.

Friday night consisted of Matt & I splitting a bottle of Sweet Red...
His baby glass... hehehe!  :)
First time to use my glass from my girl Erin... It even came with a lid & straw for on the go times of need!

 Mumford & Sons & wedding crafts topped off the night...
Perfect Friday night in my book!

Saturday morning I was up early... thankful to wake up to the sunshine though.  It was such a beautiful day & we got so many errands done!  Always a good feeling to feel accomplished!

Sunday I was up even earlier than Saturday morning... this time I was not very happy about it because it was for no good reason!  WHY on Earth would I automatically wake up at 6:30 AM!?!?

There was a bridal show in town on Sunday so my best friend & I decided to check it out.
We weren't overly impressed with it & didn't even want to look anyone in the eye for fear they would pounce on us & force us to sign up for something we didn't really need/want/or could afford!

The best thing about the bridal show was my parking job down town...
I even sent this pic to Matt I was so proud of myself!  #dontjudge #medoinghappydance

Oh something else that should be celebrated... I had dinner cooked & ready to go by the time Matt got home last night!  BOO YAH!  Me being in the kitchen hasn't happened much at all lately & my poor man deserved a home cooked meal from his woman... even if it was Spaghetti!

(Pats self on back)

Was your weekend as slow paced as mine was??

Make it a HAPPY Monday!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

My Brain + Bingham + A Funny

Happy Friday chicks!

Has this week flown by for anyone else?  I sure hope it has!

Nothing too thought provoking or too serious around here today... just a few life lately things.

After my bridal shower last weekend I was determined to get Thank You cards out asap... Well, they are all written out but waiting to be put in envelopes.  You see I left THE ONE BOX that they were in at the hostess' house!  Really Shayna!?  Out of all of this & you forget the pre-addressed envelopes!?  Figures!  My Dad always said I was a blonde at heart... no offense to anyone, it's just the truth about me!

And yes, all gifts have a new home in our living room floor... they might be there for a little bit!

In other news... Bingham has made a couple appearances on Instagram this week...

Here he is, irritated at Matt & I for trying to play with him before bed... So, he did what any sensible dog would do - stuffed his head in between our pillows & ignored us.  #whosthekidnowmomanddad  #itsbedtime  #growup
Yeah, we got the point.  Thanks for being so nonchalant about it, son.

And then there was yesterday morning... He was all snuggled up with me before I had to get up.  I just couldn't resist tucking him in to sleep in a little longer with Dad.  So, I did what any sweet fur mom would do... tucked him in under the covers & laid his sweet little head on my pillow.
How cute is he!?  Find me on Instagram... @shayna_e

So, I was going to share this funny & sweet video with y'all that I saw on FB buuuut now, I can't find where it's at.  However, I was watching Rob Dyrdek's Ridiculousness earlier (anyone else watch that show?) & they played this video... It's an old favorite of mine & I knew I had to share it with y'all!

Is she not the cutest!?  HAHA!

On that note, I'm out!

I've got a weekend FULL of wedding planning!  Imagine that!

Hope y'all have a great one!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quick & Easy Breakfast!

Last Friday I mentioned how I made breakfast for Matt as my sort of gift to him for our anniversary.  Christina @ Carolina Charm came up with this awesome idea & did it for her husband as an early Valentine's breakfast!  Smart cookie that girl!

I of course loving the idea wanted to recreate this for my Matt.  (Christina's hubs is Matt too!)
I'm sure Christina planned more ahead of time for this yummy breakfast but, I... I did not.
So, here I was running around the night before Valentine's trying to find 1 just ONE heart shaped cookie cutter.  I tell no lies when I say I went to 5 stores that day!  Finally, I found them at Michael's.

Once home I locked myself in the office & went to work.  I knew I wanted to put my own touch to this project so... I had some spare Valentine's scrap book paper that I cut out a small heart & a large heart.

I cut out the small heart & taped it to the side of the mason jar
Filled with yummy Apple Juice the next morning

And since I leave the house before the sun comes up, I wanted Matt to have some sort of idea what was going on.  On the large heart I left him a little note on the table with instructions of where to find his breakfast

Thursday morning I got up bright & early... so early when I left I was 20 minutes early for work & THAT never happens!  So I got up, snuck in the kitchen & started working away.  After the waffles were toasted & cut, I set the table just how I wanted... & then took obligatory blogger pics, of course.

& yes, this is my reality!  #gofigure

All together this took about 10 minutes, tops.  I used the frozen waffles as Christina did & had the other stuff already prepared!  Quick & easy... my kind of breakfast!

Matt was really surprised when he got up that morning because sadly in the four years we've been together I've never done something like this for him.  I enjoyed doing it for him & he liked his breakfast, win win!  Christina & I both agree that it would be so fun to do this same thing (or something similar) for other special occasions... so let the cookie cutter buying begin!

Have you ever made breakfast for your significant other?

What is something different you have done?

Do tell, I would love to hear what others have done!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bridal Shower Fun!

This last weekend my bridesmaid's hosted my very first bridal shower!  They each went above & beyond with everything they did & it was absolutely gorgeous!!!

For some reason, I was a nervous wreck getting ready Saturday morning.  My stomach was in knots & I was glad just to get breakfast down.  I don't know why I was so nervous because it's not like I wouldn't know every person there!  Any other brides-to-be feel this way before your showers?  It was most likely because it was something I've never done before & I knew all the attention would be on me.  #nerveracking

Here I am with all of my hostess'...
One lives in PA and couldn't be there

As said previously, my girls went above & beyond... They MADE all of the decorations!  It all turned out absolutely beautiful!!!

Get ready for a little picture overload...

Beautiful gift given from some dear family friends

My beautiful cake!!!

My Best Friend & Maid of Honor - Hiedi!

Thanks for this pic Erin!

It was so nice to have so many of my close friends there & feel all of their love & support!  Matt & I are so unbelievably blessed with the friends we have in our lives!

I'm so thankful for everyone who was able to join us that afternoon.... I can't wait until the next shower & bachelorette party & THEN... our WEDDING!!!

Speaking of... 73 days to go!!!

How did you feel before going into your first shower?

Have a great day!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Last Anniversary...

As Mr. & MISS!

I couldn't of asked for a better dinner date than last night!

Matt made reservations for us at a local steak house.
We got all dressed up & went out on the town!

Oh & our cell phones were completely put away...
with the exception of picture taking, of course!
It was just such a nice evening to get to spend together & actually be together.

Here's how we celebrated our 4 year anniversary...

I surprised Matt with breakfast yesterday morning...

& He made a special deliver to my office yesterday morning as well...

Dinner was at Cattleman's Steakhouse... Yummy is all I have to say!

One chef cooks each & every steak in that brick oven...
See it??  Pretty cool huh!?

We were so full by the time dessert came around that we had them put it in a to-go box.  TRUE story!

How did you celebrate Valentine's day??

Does Valentine's double as your anniversary or birthday??
I know a couple of Valentine babes myself!

This weekend is my first bridal shower!  Eeekk!!!  I'm so excited to see what all the girls have done!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Anniversary, My Valentine!

As some of you may know, today is not only Valentine's Day for me but, also mine & Matt's anniversary.  Today we celebrate 4 years of dating!!!  In honor of our anniversary I'm sharing a love note from myself to Matt.  If you're interested to know how we first met click here & catch up on all things Embry-Yancey wedding here.


WOW!  Today marks 4 years that we have been together.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think 4 years later I would be on the down hill slide of planning our wedding & getting ready to say "I Do" in just 79 short days!

I remember thinking when we first met how you were too nice of a guy for me.  I needed a challenge... a bad boy who I would chase after.  Little did I know God had other plans for me... & my friends & co-workers couldn't have been more right about you either.

Today, I think back over the last 4 years & reflect on everything we've done together & everywhere we've been... I get excited knowing that we've only just begun our journey together!  When I see you I see a strong, confident, hard working, loving man... I couldn't ask for a better best friend & partner in life.

You're my perfect guy & I love you with my whole heart, forever & ever.

Love Always,

I hope that each of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!  & Yes, even if you're single... live it up!  Treat yourself to an extra special mani & pedi, go get a massage, or go out with your fellow single ladies!  Celebrate the relationships & love you have with them!

Happy Valentine's Day to each & every one of you!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Happenings!

Question.... How in the heck did the weekend fly by so fast!?

If anyone can answer me that I'll give you $100... in Monopoly money!

We didn't have too crazy of a weekend.
It started off with Matt & I both falling asleep by 6pm on Friday evening on the couches... WHOO!  Watch out for these WILD kids now!

Saturday morning was just as exciting... up by 8am & laid on the couch until about 12 or so watching 4 Houses on TLC.  Since we had been so hard working & productive so far that day we decided to reward ourselves by grilling steaks for lunch.  Yeah, steaks for lunch... Who are we??

We finally decided to do something with ourselves that day & made our way down to the Stock Show to do some shopping.  This was the last day the Stock Show would be in town for 2013 & if you recall my love for the SS then you would also know that it's been killing me that we haven't been there as much this year.  Rainy days can kill that love real fast though!
Find me on Instagram @shayna_e

Of course there's kids everywhere but, I just couldn't help snapping a picture of these two cuties!
They're so little & those big sombreros... hilarious!

Sunday was another uneventful day!  Started off somewhat productive but, then somehow we lost all gas & will to go.  We were lazy yet again!  HA!  I guess it's a good thing though because starting this coming weekend we'll be on the go pretty much through May!!!

Did you have a low-key weekend?

Have you ever been to the Stock Show where you live?

Happy Monday!!  Hope you have a great day!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Week One... I survived!

Yes, it's true... I'm still alive.  Even after going Yeast Free for a week!  :)
I'm happy to report that it's actually been a pretty great week overall!

Monday & Tuesday were hard because I had a constant head ache.  I guess that was just my body adjusting to not having any sugar.

Wednesday was good but, just sort of a blah day - don't think it was really diet related.  Just one of those days, ya know?

Thursday & Friday so far has been great!

Meal planning is DEFINITELY something that you have to do if you're going to do YF.  Really, I think it's important for anyone trying to keep up a healthy eating plan.  It's just too easy to "not have enough time" to cook, prepare, whatever & just grab something in the drive-thru at McDonald's.

This week turned out to be a little hectic & although I had a meal plan in place, I caught myself a little unprepared a couple of times.  Thankfully, I took Stephanie's advice and grabbed a couple extra cans of Amy's Black Bean Chili to have on hand for just in case.

This week's meals consisted of....

Scrambled Eggs for breakfast.

Pork Chops, Grilled chicken with veggies, Amy's Black Bean Chili... all things that were for dinner & left over for lunch.  We also went to Chipotle one night & I got the YF bowl... double black beans & steak - I added salsa once I got home.  Surprisingly, it was pretty good!

Last night Matt threw together this YF Chicken Tortilla Soup... Oh. Ma. Goodness!  To. Die. For!!!
Find me on Instagram @shayna_e

It's so crazy because my cravings are virtually GONE!  I saw Kristen & Tess mention this when they first started YF a few weeks ago & I couldn't really imagine not craving fried chicken or sweets or anything of the sort.  BUT, I'm here to say that I seriously do not have any cravings.  I even tested it out... looking at billboards & hearing commercials on the radio... never craved a McD's burrito, Chik-Fil-A nuggets or anything!  NOTHING!  SO WEIRD!!!

Now for the goods!  Monday morning before I ate or drank anything I weighed myself...

A whopping 138.... pushing 139!!!

This morning I weighed myself before eating or drinking & I weighed in at...


I fully believe that this was because of the YF diet I've been practicing & the workouts that I've been putting in this week!  My goal for next Friday is to be in the 120's!!!  & This little gem is my inspiration!
Isn't it cute!?  Came in the mail this week & I LOVE it!!!  You can find it at Gipsy Bridge.
Oh & of course that one very special white dress I'll be wearing May 4th!  In 85 days but, who's really counting right!?

Have you had success with a new diet/lifestyle that you've recently started??

Do tell!!!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Goals

Can y'all believe it's already February 5th!  I swear time flies SO fast!  (Except during the day while you're stuck at work!)

I don't know that I ever posted goals for 2013 or for January but, I feel like this could be therapeutic  for me.  To be totally honest, I feel like at the end of December/ beginning of January I was just lucky to make it through each day!

Things have calmed down a little bit & I feel like I can enter into February with a mostly clear mind!

Here's my goals for February:

*File my taxes - bring me the money honey!

*Get through the whole month doing YF

*Finalize Bride & Groom's cakes + a million other wedding to-do's!

*Start taking care of ME... eating right, working out, getting enough sleep (sleep? What's that??)  I could go on & on but, basically I want & NEED to start taking care of me.  I don't want to look like a tired rag doll come May 4th!  Ya hear me!?

*Set aside special time with Matt to make a fun date!  With all things wedding right now, it's been easy to get distracted & not make that quality time for each other.  We must be better about this!

*Remember to breath & soak it all in... this is the only time in my life these things will happen for me.  I need to stop, and smell the roses.  Relish in it woman!

I'm hoping to check most all of these off my list & come back at the beginning of March saying Check! Check! Check!  We'll see.

What are your goals for February?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Living Life Low-Key!

Hey y'all!  Happy Monday!!!

This weekend was extremely low-key which was just what the DR ordered!
Friday I calmed my little heart by picking up & cleaning my disaster zone of a house...
Saturday morning we went to Graham to visit with Matt's parents.

It was the perfect time for me to get some wedding stuff done that called for me to be in front of the computer.... we can now say CHECK to those!

Doesn't it feel so good to get things marked off your to-do list regardless of what it is??

Who watched the Super Bowl?

I didn't really care too much who won but, can we talk about those commercials!?

The Budweiser commercial was definitely one to pull at the heart strings!  Matt even got a little choked up about it!  

& Let me say this again (b/c I tweeted it last night @ShaynaEmbry) "Thank God for farmers!!!!"

What were your favorite Super Bowl commercials??

Y'all might have seen that I'm starting the YF diet/lifestyle today... well, another large part of my weekend was consumed by figuring out this whole plan & making a meal plan for the week!

I'm super excited about this & am hoping I can stick with it!  I'll also be walking at least 3 times a week on my lunch break along with a minimum of 3 dates at the gym per week.  Surely I will see results if I can keep up the good eating habits & working out!  I'll be sure to let y'all know if this is a total success or not!  Wish me luck!!!

Have you made any diet or lifestyle changes recently??

I know Mrs Kelli has & she is rockin' it!!!

Hope y'all have a great Monday!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday's Letters

Oh, hey Friday!
Nice of you to stop by again!  I am so thankful to see you again!

Dear sickness, I'm glad that you are out the door.  Of course that wouldn't be happening if I hadn't been sucking down Vitamin C all week but, hey a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Dear Dad, It was good to see you mid-week!  Even though it was just for a few minutes, it got me out of work & I got to give you a big 'ole hug!

Dear Wedding, We have a love/hate relationship.  As much fun as it's been so far, it's also not so much fun.  I've been blessed beyond belief with all the help I've received... however, I'm SO ready for May 4th to be here it's not even funny.  Ninety-two days people... 92 days!!!  Thankful for Meg who shares my same sentiments about wedding planning! :)

Dear Fiance, Thank you for taking care of me this week.  Thank you for helping calming my nerves with all things wedding.  Thank you for be my finance guy... without you we would most definitely not be anywhere close to budget with this wedding!  #whoopsie!

Dear house, You are in complete & total disarray.  I really don't have much motivation to clean up said mess but, I know I'll feel better once I do.  Why did you have to run off the house cleaner??

Dear 30 Day Office Challenge, This was a great idea December 29th... As of February 1st, I'm glad to see that you are over.  I've learned a lot this month & it's been nice to see the pocket book not take such an impact from eating out as much!  I'm ready for next month's (personal) challenge... Yeast Free!!!

We're off to a nice quiet weekend out West!

What are y'all up to this weekend?

Linking up with Ashley today... go check it out!


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