Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Anniversary, My Valentine!

As some of you may know, today is not only Valentine's Day for me but, also mine & Matt's anniversary.  Today we celebrate 4 years of dating!!!  In honor of our anniversary I'm sharing a love note from myself to Matt.  If you're interested to know how we first met click here & catch up on all things Embry-Yancey wedding here.


WOW!  Today marks 4 years that we have been together.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think 4 years later I would be on the down hill slide of planning our wedding & getting ready to say "I Do" in just 79 short days!

I remember thinking when we first met how you were too nice of a guy for me.  I needed a challenge... a bad boy who I would chase after.  Little did I know God had other plans for me... & my friends & co-workers couldn't have been more right about you either.

Today, I think back over the last 4 years & reflect on everything we've done together & everywhere we've been... I get excited knowing that we've only just begun our journey together!  When I see you I see a strong, confident, hard working, loving man... I couldn't ask for a better best friend & partner in life.

You're my perfect guy & I love you with my whole heart, forever & ever.

Love Always,

I hope that each of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!  & Yes, even if you're single... live it up!  Treat yourself to an extra special mani & pedi, go get a massage, or go out with your fellow single ladies!  Celebrate the relationships & love you have with them!

Happy Valentine's Day to each & every one of you!!!


  1. Awwww what a sweet anniversary! LOVE IT!

    Congrats :)!

  2. Man, Matt sure is a lucky guy to have you ;)

  3. Singles should have fun! :)

    I plan to, tonight!


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