Friday, February 22, 2013

My Brain + Bingham + A Funny

Happy Friday chicks!

Has this week flown by for anyone else?  I sure hope it has!

Nothing too thought provoking or too serious around here today... just a few life lately things.

After my bridal shower last weekend I was determined to get Thank You cards out asap... Well, they are all written out but waiting to be put in envelopes.  You see I left THE ONE BOX that they were in at the hostess' house!  Really Shayna!?  Out of all of this & you forget the pre-addressed envelopes!?  Figures!  My Dad always said I was a blonde at heart... no offense to anyone, it's just the truth about me!

And yes, all gifts have a new home in our living room floor... they might be there for a little bit!

In other news... Bingham has made a couple appearances on Instagram this week...

Here he is, irritated at Matt & I for trying to play with him before bed... So, he did what any sensible dog would do - stuffed his head in between our pillows & ignored us.  #whosthekidnowmomanddad  #itsbedtime  #growup
Yeah, we got the point.  Thanks for being so nonchalant about it, son.

And then there was yesterday morning... He was all snuggled up with me before I had to get up.  I just couldn't resist tucking him in to sleep in a little longer with Dad.  So, I did what any sweet fur mom would do... tucked him in under the covers & laid his sweet little head on my pillow.
How cute is he!?  Find me on Instagram... @shayna_e

So, I was going to share this funny & sweet video with y'all that I saw on FB buuuut now, I can't find where it's at.  However, I was watching Rob Dyrdek's Ridiculousness earlier (anyone else watch that show?) & they played this video... It's an old favorite of mine & I knew I had to share it with y'all!

Is she not the cutest!?  HAHA!

On that note, I'm out!

I've got a weekend FULL of wedding planning!  Imagine that!

Hope y'all have a great one!!!

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