Thursday, February 28, 2013

On Life & Being Happy Happy Happy

Yes, I just made a Duck Dynasty reference in the title.  If you don't know what I'm talking about do yourself a favor & set your DVR to record ALL Duck Dynasty episodes.  Take a few hours & enjoy the redneck hilariousness (is that a word? Today it is) of the Robertson family!

To say that A LOT has been going on in life lately would be an understatement.  A couple weeks ago I finally met my breaking point.  I felt like I was standing in the middle of life & the world just passing me by.  I felt like I was in this whirlwind that I couldn't stop or at least get a handle on.  I broke down.  I got angry & I cried... I may have even wallered in my own pitty for a little bit too.

But then I got to thinking... Girlfriend... You have a choice here - either sit around moping & be miserable because life isn't all sunshine & roses right now OR do something about it, do things that make you HAPPY! 

So, that's exactly what I've been doing.  Trying to look at each day & life as a whole, as the glass half FULL.

Honestly, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Granted, there's still a lot going on & a lot of "big life" & "big people" decisions to be made but, I'm finding the happiness, joy & blessings in it all.  It's really a great way to look at life... why haven't I figured this out before??

Not only have I generally been happier as a person, but mine & Matthew's relationship has changed - changed for the better.  I don't remember laughing as much or being as goofy as we have been the last couple of weeks in a long time.  That makes me sort of sad but, it also makes me happy.  I'm glad that I/we can see the difference in our relationship... we can see where we were before & where we're going - & we don't want to go back!

Ok, I'm not sure where I'm going with this post.  I guess just to pass along what I've had an epiphany about here recently.
Be positive, be happy, be thankful for what you have
That's the truth & I'm figuring it out each & every day!

Find what makes you smile, what makes your heart full & most of all what makes you HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Make it a great day y'all!

P.S. - I've been thinking about the topic of what makes me happy & what makes me tick for a while now, I just now found it!  I've looked to others for inspiration, particularly this little ray of sunshine.  Check her out & be inspired, just as I have been!


  1. So, So glad you had this little epiphany! I don't need you being sad, friend!!

  2. I'm happy that you are happy! hang in there, my friend!


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