Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quick & Easy Breakfast!

Last Friday I mentioned how I made breakfast for Matt as my sort of gift to him for our anniversary.  Christina @ Carolina Charm came up with this awesome idea & did it for her husband as an early Valentine's breakfast!  Smart cookie that girl!

I of course loving the idea wanted to recreate this for my Matt.  (Christina's hubs is Matt too!)
I'm sure Christina planned more ahead of time for this yummy breakfast but, I... I did not.
So, here I was running around the night before Valentine's trying to find 1 just ONE heart shaped cookie cutter.  I tell no lies when I say I went to 5 stores that day!  Finally, I found them at Michael's.

Once home I locked myself in the office & went to work.  I knew I wanted to put my own touch to this project so... I had some spare Valentine's scrap book paper that I cut out a small heart & a large heart.

I cut out the small heart & taped it to the side of the mason jar
Filled with yummy Apple Juice the next morning

And since I leave the house before the sun comes up, I wanted Matt to have some sort of idea what was going on.  On the large heart I left him a little note on the table with instructions of where to find his breakfast

Thursday morning I got up bright & early... so early when I left I was 20 minutes early for work & THAT never happens!  So I got up, snuck in the kitchen & started working away.  After the waffles were toasted & cut, I set the table just how I wanted... & then took obligatory blogger pics, of course.

& yes, this is my reality!  #gofigure

All together this took about 10 minutes, tops.  I used the frozen waffles as Christina did & had the other stuff already prepared!  Quick & easy... my kind of breakfast!

Matt was really surprised when he got up that morning because sadly in the four years we've been together I've never done something like this for him.  I enjoyed doing it for him & he liked his breakfast, win win!  Christina & I both agree that it would be so fun to do this same thing (or something similar) for other special occasions... so let the cookie cutter buying begin!

Have you ever made breakfast for your significant other?

What is something different you have done?

Do tell, I would love to hear what others have done!


  1. Looooove your waffles and the cute lil mason jar heart! #wifeoftheyear!

    And thanks for the shout out friend! xo

  2. aw thats cute!! do you use mason jars as your regular glasses? i like that!

  3. so cute! i should have done something like this, haha. i wanted to but ... yeah, it didn't happen.

  4. This is sooo cute and very thoughtful! I need to do this for Zachary!

  5. how sweet is this! I know he loved it!


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