Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday! (+ A Little Help!?)

Hey y'all!  Happy Hump Day!!!

There is A LOT going on on the wedding front here lately... with just 66 days to go, yes SIXTY-SIX DAYS... My life is pretty much revolving around all things wedding these days.

(Come on May 4th!)

A few weeks ago we got our invitations in.  A very good friend of mine's Dad actually owns a printing company so He offered to print our invitations for us as our wedding gift!  I was blown away and am so thankful for him doing that for us!

I had originally found the exact invitations I wanted on Etsy buuut, in the name of saving a buck or two & with my Aunt's graphic design skills, she created the exact invitations that I wanted!
I am just so in LOVE!

We're starting to put them together & get them addressed... they'll be ready to go before we know it!!!

After my brain fail the other weekend, I finally got all of my pre-addressed envelopes back & have signed, sealed & delivered those awesome Thank You notes to the post office!

I ordered these from VistaPrint & couldn't be more happy with them!  I've loved using them so far for shower "thank yous" & I figure that if I don't use all of them for the wedding, they're versatile enough that I can use them for any occasion.

Now, here's something that I put on my February goals... figuring out my wedding cake!
You see, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted.  And then.... I got to thinking, "Does this cake go along with the rest of the theme?"  "Self, your wedding cake is one of the first things your guest will see when they get to the reception... it's going to make a statement & you need/better get this right!"  So, y'all see what my dilemma is??  Here's some cakes that I really like... some I love!
1. Love
2. Love. Love. Love.
3. Like but, not really my style...
4. Like it but, not in love
5. Love it... so simple yet so pretty
6. SO fun!  Not sure if it goes with the theme though

7. Similar to my shower cake... Love the simplicity
8. So simple yet so pretty
9. I've been in love with this cake since before we were engaged...
10. Same as #9 buuutt.... not sure it goes with the overall theme
11.  I love that you get a little bit of everything
12. It's so different & so cute... my exact wedding colors too!

What do y'all think??  Is there one that sticks out to you??
(I'm seriously taking opinions into consideration!)

Our wedding will be green & white with white lights, mason jars, burlap & lace... if that gives you any sort of idea what my "theme" is.

Wedding season is officially beginning!!!  We have a wedding this weekend & next... as well as our wedding photographer saying "I Do" next weekend AND my blogging friend Meg!

So many brides to be IRL & blog land... SO EXCITING!!!

Don't forget... I'm serious about cake opinions!  Thanks in advance!  :)

Make it a HAPPY day!


  1. 2, 5, or 8 are my fav that seem best fitting with what you described! On 5 you could always add green flowers and a burlap wrapped cake board!! You could do the cake board to any of them really! Goood luck!

  2. I vote 10...simple can go with any theme!! it has a very nice classy wedding feel! i may be biased though bc i had a simple cake with flowers. i thought it went beautifully with our barn reception :)

  3. Yeah for the wedding getting closer! Love your invitations! And as far as the cake goes, I vote for number 8, I think it will go great with your theme!

  4. what 66 days away?? that is so soon!! cant wait for your big day shayna!

  5. Ok....when I think about cakes for you I asked myself, "What looks like Shayna and Matt?" and I came up with #2 and #5...especially #5. But if you want to be different, go with #11.


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