Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Happenings!

Question.... How in the heck did the weekend fly by so fast!?

If anyone can answer me that I'll give you $100... in Monopoly money!

We didn't have too crazy of a weekend.
It started off with Matt & I both falling asleep by 6pm on Friday evening on the couches... WHOO!  Watch out for these WILD kids now!

Saturday morning was just as exciting... up by 8am & laid on the couch until about 12 or so watching 4 Houses on TLC.  Since we had been so hard working & productive so far that day we decided to reward ourselves by grilling steaks for lunch.  Yeah, steaks for lunch... Who are we??

We finally decided to do something with ourselves that day & made our way down to the Stock Show to do some shopping.  This was the last day the Stock Show would be in town for 2013 & if you recall my love for the SS then you would also know that it's been killing me that we haven't been there as much this year.  Rainy days can kill that love real fast though!
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Of course there's kids everywhere but, I just couldn't help snapping a picture of these two cuties!
They're so little & those big sombreros... hilarious!

Sunday was another uneventful day!  Started off somewhat productive but, then somehow we lost all gas & will to go.  We were lazy yet again!  HA!  I guess it's a good thing though because starting this coming weekend we'll be on the go pretty much through May!!!

Did you have a low-key weekend?

Have you ever been to the Stock Show where you live?

Happy Monday!!  Hope you have a great day!!!


  1. I had a lazy weekend too! Those little kiddos are too cute!

  2. Love a lazy day! Or weekend in your case! So fun!

  3. you know your almost married or married when....I am all about lazy weekends! and invite us over next time y'all get crazy and grill steaks for lunch!

  4. Looks like the SS was amaze. You deserve to be lazy yal have been so busy lately so it was a good relaxing weekend for you

  5. Sounds like my kind of weekend!


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