Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday y'all!  I know, I know... it's Monday.  How on Earth could I be happy!?  Well, because it's a choice we each make every single day... to be happy or not to be happy.  And friends, today I'm choosing to be happy!  (Try it, I dare ya!)

This weekend wasn't too crazy for us & it was really nice to have a slow paced weekend.

Friday night consisted of Matt & I splitting a bottle of Sweet Red...
His baby glass... hehehe!  :)
First time to use my glass from my girl Erin... It even came with a lid & straw for on the go times of need!

 Mumford & Sons & wedding crafts topped off the night...
Perfect Friday night in my book!

Saturday morning I was up early... thankful to wake up to the sunshine though.  It was such a beautiful day & we got so many errands done!  Always a good feeling to feel accomplished!

Sunday I was up even earlier than Saturday morning... this time I was not very happy about it because it was for no good reason!  WHY on Earth would I automatically wake up at 6:30 AM!?!?

There was a bridal show in town on Sunday so my best friend & I decided to check it out.
We weren't overly impressed with it & didn't even want to look anyone in the eye for fear they would pounce on us & force us to sign up for something we didn't really need/want/or could afford!

The best thing about the bridal show was my parking job down town...
I even sent this pic to Matt I was so proud of myself!  #dontjudge #medoinghappydance

Oh something else that should be celebrated... I had dinner cooked & ready to go by the time Matt got home last night!  BOO YAH!  Me being in the kitchen hasn't happened much at all lately & my poor man deserved a home cooked meal from his woman... even if it was Spaghetti!

(Pats self on back)

Was your weekend as slow paced as mine was??

Make it a HAPPY Monday!!!


  1. sweet red is a favorite and a good parallel park job TOTALLY deserves a picture!! Looks like a great weekend!

  2. mine was very slow paced too. completely welcomed.

    a wine glass with a to-go lid? that's genius!

    did a lot of cleaning, cooking, cuddling with the furbabies and watching Netflix. perfect weekend if you ask me!

    happy Monday!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that glass, so beautiful!

    Loving the red wine too!

    I send bombtastic park jobs to my fiance too, you go girl!

  4. Cool glass!! Love your parking job... that pic is so something I would take too. Parallel and me don't happen often... PS - we have the same car I think ;)

  5. I literally burst out laughing at your parking comment! Must have been a pretty crappy wedding show!

  6. Good job on the parallel parking! I can NEVER do that!

  7. I love that you love your glass! Make sure you bring it to girls night!

  8. Sounds like you had a great weekend! And I love that glass! SO cute!


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