Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Goals

Wow!  Can y'all believe it's already 7 days into March!?!?

I probably shouldn't remind myself of that considering I'm on the count down of my life with a million little things left to do!

February was a good month for me... Let's see how I measured up with my goals I set

*File my taxes - bring me the money honey! - Done & done!  & I already got my money in the bank!

*Get through the whole month doing YF - Um yeah... Didn't do so great on this one.  I made it a solid week, was down 5 lbs, felt great & then completely fell off track.  I'll update more on it all later.

*Finalize Bride & Groom's cakes + a million other wedding to-do's! - I took a survey on this the other day.  I haven't given my cake baker my final decision but, I pretty much know what I'm going to do though... secret until after!  :)

*Start taking care of ME... eating right, working out, getting enough sleep (sleep? What's that??)  I could go on & on but, basically I want & NEED to start taking care of me.  I don't want to look like a tired rag doll come May 4th!  Ya hear me!? - I started on this & it feels great!

*Set aside special time with Matt to make a fun date!  With all things wedding right now, it's been easy to get distracted & not make that quality time for each other.  We must be better about this! - This has yet to happen... but, with my recent life changes I can say that we've enjoyed the little moments that. much. more.

*Remember to breath & soak it all in... this is the only time in my life these things will happen for me.  I need to stop, and smell the roses.  Relish in it woman! I'm breathing.  There's a lot left to do but, considering I opened my "wedding binder" yesterday for the first time in over a week, I would say I've relaxed about things.  What gets done will get done.  I don't have a lot of time in March but, April lends a couple more open weekend so I know I'll be able to take care of some things then.

Hello, March!

*Get back on Yeast Free & complete 1 month!

*Send out wedding invitations... Eeek!

*Make at least one special date night/day/afternoon for Matt & I

*Try on my wedding dress by the end of the month & feel amazingly beautiful in it! (I don't right now because I have weight to lose! BOO!)

*Cook dinner 3-4 times a week... If I'm doing YF right this will be more often!

*Do a "No Spending Week" at least once - Matt & I do this ever so often & it's AMAZING!

I'm hoping I can stick with these & meet all of these goals!  Wish me luck!?

What are your goals for March??


  1. There was one thing you said about the wedding planning that stuck out to me, because I stressed and learned it the hard way when planning mine-what ever gets done will, and whatever doesn't, won't. Don't lose sleep over it-it's not worth it! Just remember what the day is about. The amount of love you both have for each other will be what everyone remembers most :)

  2. I need to make a goal of mine to be to learn how to cook! For reals! I can't cook anything!!!


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