Friday, April 19, 2013

Life Lately - Nothing Short of Crazy!

Hey y'all!  Wow!  So, it's been a hot minute since I've shown my face around here... sorry about that.

When I last left y'all I announced that Matt & I signed papers & bought our first home!  Well, ever since closing day & getting our keys that week, we have been on the go literally non-stop!

Here's a pic I took of our rental the other day... Everything in this picture is now out

& a picture of our "new" kitchen.  While I was out of town last weekend for my Bachelorette party (recap of that next week) Matt painted the living room & kitchen area

Monday evening we had some help & were able to move all of our "big" items... couches, fridge, dressers, etc.  It ended up being so late when we got done that I took off work on Tuesday... apparently moving is hard work for a pup too!

Wednesday was looking to be an uneventful day until I left work & was involved in an accident.  I was on the highway & stopped in traffic & BAM! BOOM!  I was rear ended & then pushed into another car!  Luckily, everyone is ok & karma will get the lady who hit me & then took off.

After getting home & not feeling like doing too much, I decided to cook an easy, fool proof meal... Spaghetti.  It was our first home cooked meal, in our new home & in my new Paula Deen cookware!  It was  so so yummy!  & Nice to have a home cooked meal too!

Last night was filled with more unpacking & unpacking & unpacking... I haven't had a beer well, since last weekend but, this was needed after the week I've had!

I then realized that we are just 2 short weeks away from becoming Mr. & Mrs. Yancey!!!
2 weeks people!!!
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So, that's my life in a nut shell the last week & a half.  Not too interesting but, definitely chaotic!  We finally get internet today so I'll be tapped back into social media & blogging next week!  YAAY!

I hope everyone has been staying out of trouble & had good weeks despite all of the heart ache that is being felt through the nation.  My continued prayers for those in Boston & in the tee tiny town of West, just a couple hours South of Ft. Worth.

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. Glad you are okay, stupid lady!!!

    Your house looks awesome!

    EEEEKKK 2 weeks away wow!


  2. Whoa crazy crazy week you had! And way to go Matt for painting!!! He is so handy!

  3. I can not believe that lady did that. The nerve, these days!


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