Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Rundown - Wedding Shower Style

Happy Monday y'all!

Actually, is it really Monday already!?  I honestly feel like it was just 4 o'clock on Friday a hot second ago.  Oh well... Here we go again!

This weekend was another busy one for us... but, busy in a good way.

We had ANOTHER wedding shower!  A group of sweet, sweet ladies from Matt's church in his hometown decided they would like to throw us a shower as well.
And shower us they did!

We drove into Graham Saturday morning and the shower started about 10 am... brunch style!  Yumm!

All of our prezzies!  There's an adorable home boutique in Graham & I registered there knowing we had invited many people from Graham... in hopes that we would get some gifts from there.  And boy did we get some gifts from there... pretty much everything!
We are truly blessed & I can't believe how much was given to us out of love & support!

All of our wonderful & sweet hostess'!!!

After the shower Matt & I came back to Ft Worth to take care of some other stuff... more on that Tuesday (yes, an announcement... check back!)

Sunday was filled with church time & lunch time....
And then a looong nap!  And it felt GREAT!
(I'm sure that's so wrong on some level but, it's the truth... :)

How was your weekend?

Cheers to Monday y'all!


  1. YAY wedding showers, so exciting!!!

    Love the cross wall, that is gorgeous!

    Naps are totally need of course :)!

  2. What a bunch of sweet ladies! Agree with Pinky-LOVE the cross wall!


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