Thursday, May 30, 2013

Honeymoon in Memphis - Part 2 {+ a Surprise!}

I left y'all at Saturday night... Matt & I were tired from walking everywhere, the car issue & miserably stuffed from the OH-SO delicious dinner we had at Aldo's Pizza.  We turned in early & that was the best decision ev-eerrrr! #youknowyoureoldwhen  I knew what you were thinking, I said it for you.

So anyways.... Sunday morning we were up early & off to our first stop... the donut store.  DUH!  We didn't have time to let a big meal get in the way & those donuts were soooo good!

Sunday was jam packed with planned tours at 10, 12 & 2 - no kidding!

First stop, the Rock 'n Soul Museum!

The tour started out with a short documentary of how Rock 'n Soul music was born.  After the video, we each were given a set of head phones to walk through the exhibit & hear different short stories for each section.

We learned a lot of neat facts... like how only 1 tiny radio was in a home & you only listened to it on weekend nights when the Grand Ole Opry was playing because it was ran off of battery & most families could only afford 1 battery a year!  {Most radios were found in the kitchen set up similar to this} 

WDIA - the first all black radio station.  All teenagers, black & white, LOVED this radio station.

The changing of juke boxes... They found out that putting bright, colored lights on the machines attracted more people to it.  Thus, bringing in more money.  Now, you will always see a juke box with bright neon lights somewhere on the machine.  Right??  Pretty neat huh!?

Our 12 o'clock tour took us to the Metal Museum

This was definitely more along the artsy type of things that we did which isn't exactly up our alley but, it was really neat to see the different things that are created with metals.  Here's a few snap shops of the working metal shop that is on sight.  I especially loved the American Flag!

The grounds are absolutely beautiful so we walked around for a bit & got a great view of the Mighty Mississippi River!

i love that left handed bling-bling!

After the metal museum we were off to... GRACELAND!!!

Now, because 1 it would be complete & utter picture overload & 2 Graceland & The King deserve a blog post on their own to do them proper justice, I'll show a few pictures here today & the rest in a separate blog post!

I promise I'll be back with more about The King!

After we left Graceland, it was almost time for dinner!  We had yet to have some Southern BBQ so, that's what was for dinner!  We decided to try out Pig On Beale & like everywhere else we ate, it was great!

After dinner I talked Matt into staying on Beale St for a little while longer since it was our last night in Memphis.  We actually ended up running into some old friends of his from high school.  YES from HIGH SCHOOL!  IN TEXAS!  Can you believe that!?  We literally do not go anywhere without running into someone he knows from his home town - & we live 90 miles away from there!  Craziness!  Anyways... we found this fun little hole in the wall bar that had this awesome blues band playing!

Last night in Memphis & on Beale St.!

Monday morning we were up bright & early again to hit the road home!

On Friday, Matt & I decided to go home through Mississippi & Louisiana Monday.  Callie chimed in on Instagram saying that we would be so close to where she lives!  I was instantly excited because even though this is our honeymoon, HOW COOL would it be to meet one of my sweet, dear blogging friends??  I was then bummed to find out that they had plans to be in New Orleans that weekend & they wouldn't be coming to Memphis.  :(  However, it just so happened her & Kendol would be home Sunday afternoon & were having a Memorial Day Cookout Monday!  She invited us to stop on our way & come join their party!  SO WE DID!!!
We had a blate!  We had a blate! We had a blaaaate!!!

Callie, her husband Kendol & all of their friends were SO nice & welcoming!  Matt & I had a great time but, the only draw back was we still had a 7 hour drive ahead of us so we had to leave earlier than wanted.  I can't wait to go back to Mississippi (Callie I might show up one afternoon!) OR have Callie & Kendol here in Texas!!!

I still can't believe I met Callie in person!!!  She's fun & just as sweet in person!  Thanks Callie & Kendol for having us, we enjoyed it so much!!

That wraps up our time spent in Memphis.  It was an absolutely fun trip & we'll definitely go back again!  If you haven't been to Memphis OR you go but, don't do all of the "touristy" things, DO THEM!  You won't regret it!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Honeymoon In Memphis - Part 1

This Memorial Day weekend Matt & I road tripped to Memphis, TN for our honeymoon trip.  After our original plans to California fell through when life threw us a curve ball early this year, we decided on Memphis as a "runner-up trip".  Sort of a random place for a honeymoon really but, it was nice to do something completely new & different that we'd never experienced before!

Friday morning we woke up bright & early & hopped in the car on our way to Memphis.

Here's a look into Friday & Saturday in Memphis!

We arrived at the hotel Friday afternoon, freshened up & was off to downtown to Gus's Fried Chicken!
Yes, they sell 40's.  & They are a whoppin' $4.75!

Dinner was awesome & we'll definitely be back to Gus's!

After we left Gus's we headed down to Beale St for a little fun!

Enjoying the music at Jerry Lee Lewis Honky Tonk!


We got a late start & I was worried we wouldn't make breakfast where I had planned, The Arcade Restaurant but, we called & they serve breakfast from 7-3!  Whoop!  Score one for the Yancey's!

Score 2 for the Yancey's when this came to our table!  We found out why The Arcade is the oldest cafe in town... It was Yumm-o!

After brunch we went to tour Sun Studio where Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis & Elvis all got their starts in rock 'n roll!  It was really neat to see where so many great musicians started.  You could just feel all of the love & history that was in that studio!

We got to pose with THE mic that Johnny, Jerry AND Elvis all used when in studio!!!

In front of the Sun Studio original entrance.

We headed back down town after leaving Sun Studio & as soon as we got there, our check engine light came on.  Being that it was a holiday weekend & the next day was Sunday, we knew we had to go get it checked out.  So we did & finally got back to down town later that afternoon.  We were tired & decided to take a ride on the trolley.  We had fun riding the trolley & Matt's engineer mind was loving it!  Haha!

Saturday evening consisted of us being exhausted, downtown being extremely crowded for multiple reasons & us grabbing pizza & beers at Aldo's Pizza Pies randomly for dinner.  It was such a great choice for dinner though.  #mouthiswateringagain

I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2 of our trip.  Sunday was jam packed with tour after tour so, I have a lot to share!

***After my re-caps I'll share how we planned our trip with the help of who & what websites.

Have you ever been to Memphis?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Saw It. Pinned It. Did It. - Monogrammed Canvas Bags

Am I speaking your language yet??

Bags?  Monograms?  Pinterest?

Yep, I thought so!

Sooo... since our wedding is now over, I can share all of my Pinterest projects with y'all!  YAAY!  Watch out Saw It. Pinned It. Did It. 

When deciding on gifts that I wanted to get my bridesmaids, I wanted it to be something they would get use out of after the wedding & something special & meaningful from me.

DIY monogrammed bags!
*Side note - the original site is in Polish so, I winged it!*

What You'll Need:
Cloth paint
Paint Brushes

1. Iron each bag flat along with the handles.  Once all bags are ironed, place your doily & stencil in the bottom corner of the bag ensuring the doily gives enough room for the stencil to fit evenly.

2. Once the doily is in place paint the outside to make the outer pattern.  Be sure not have too much paint on your brush as you don't want it to bleed other places on the bag or through the doily.
I obviously had not discovered the "iron bag before you begin painting" idea

3. Repeat the same process with the opposite side of the doily, on the opposite side of the bag.  Let all of the paint dry & then you have bags for...

6 bridesmaids, 2 aunts, 1 future mother-in-law & a sweet flower girl!

VOILA!!!  Saw It. Pinned It. & DID IT!

To add to my bridesmaids gifts I picked out these adorable burlap koozies from Ginnie Macs Etsy Shop.
Nicole was great to work with & the turn around time was very quick!  Check out her shop for some great, inexpensive, personalized gifts!

Finishing out the bridesmaid gifts, I ordered all of them matching necklace & earring sets from Alexandrea's Jewels Etsy Shop.
Maria was also wonderful to work with & turn around time was very quick as well!  These necklace & earrings were the perfect touch to the girls outfits & I'm so happy that they can be worn for more than just our wedding!  Win win in my book!

Hope these ideas help get your brain movin' when it comes to different gift ideas for your bridesmaids or any other special people in your life!

Linking up with Steph & Katie today for Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.

Stop by & see what everyone else has done!  Find me on Pinterest here!

I hope y'all have a great Memorial Day Weekend!  Matt & I are off to Memphis for the long weekend for our honeymoon trip!  I'll be back next week recapping it ALL! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How To: Fix Sealed Wedding Invitations

Hey ladies!

So, do y'all remember a little while back when I mentioned a little mishap Matt & I had with our wedding invitations?  Well, all of you brides out there... today I'm here to help!  (& this goes for anyone else sending out invitations, cards, etc. as well!)

As I mentioned in the previous post, Matt & I were aallll ready to send out our invitations.  Thankfully, while at the post office a couple days later for some other business, I realized that we had in fact not fixed the problem we had discovered when stuffing our invitations & to top it off, we made the problem worse!

What's was the problem you ask?

Well, you see... back in January we sent out Save the Date post cards & now (in March) we would be sendng out post cards again as our RSVP cards & we needed to have those pre-stamped.  Post card stamps are a different (less) price than regular postage stamps & we had some left over from January.  We decided to use those first but, knew we would need more to finish out the RSVP cards so we figured up how much we needed & bought them.  Sounds like simple, harmless, bride-ahead-of-the-game type preparation right??  Well, turns out the post card stamps price changed between January & March by 1 cent!  1 cent!!!  Luckily, we noticed about half way through & decided before we sealed those envelopes we would need to add an additional 1 cent stamp to the RSVP card.  Simple... but, fast forward to Friday afternoon while at the post office, after all of the invitation envelopes were sealed.... HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!


Thankfully, God has an amazing way of knowing just what we need & when.  My friends mom called me just as I was leaving the post office & could tell there was worry/panic in my voice.  She asked what was wrong & I told her the situation.  She gave me the best advice (which we used that night) & everything worked out perfectly!!!

So, have a sealed envelope that you need to open??

Follow these simple steps & you'll soon have peace of mind!

What you'll need:
- Steamer & water
- Iron & ironing board
- Double sided tape
- Time & patience
+ a glass of liquid courage/boost *if you have a ton of envelopes to open*

1. Start by steaming the sealed portion of the envelope.  Be sure not to get it too close though...

2. Gently open your envelope, careful not to tear the flap & take out the invitation.  Then, fix the boo boo you made when stuffing the envelope.

It may be a little curled like this but, don't worry, it's just from the steam & it will go right back in the envelope.  :)

3. Lay the envelope flat with the flap out & glue side down.  With your iron on the regular cotton setting, iron the flap flat.  (It only takes a few seconds)

4. {Not pictured} Re-stuff the envelope & put double sided tape on the flap where the glue should be & re-seal your envelope! VOILA!

It should stick just fine & your envelope will look as good as new!

Matt & I reopened all 130-something envelopes that Friday night.  I was devastated because even though the issue was fixed, I just knew people would be able to tell something was done to them & they would look like poo!  To my pleasant surprise, we received so many compliments on our invitations & no one was none the wiser!  (Unless I told them! HA!)

Any questions about this project??

Let me know, I'll be glad to help!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunsets + Drinks + Friends

Hey y'all!

This weekend was much more slow paced compared to last weekend.  Friday we went to see my brother & sister-in-law & visited one of my best friends that lives just down the road from them.  This is what was waiting for us as we walked out the door... late night Texas sunset.  

Hello beautiful!

Saturday morning I was scrolling through FaceBook & saw a photo album titled "Matt & Shayna's Wedding".... Say WHAT!?  I thought... wait a minute... I'm Shayna & my husband's name is Matt.... Ahhhh that's OUR wedding pictures!!!  So, yes there was a sneak peek of pictures from our wedding day.  I'm a bit OCD & really like things to be in chronological order so I'm still not going to share all of the pictures.  For now, here's one of my favorites from our reception!
Please excuse the quality as this picture is from my phone

Saturday night Matt & I took the bike out for ride & stopped at a few fun places to hear music, watch the Rangers game & visit with friends!  It was a great night out & just what we needed!

Cheers to our Danish friends who will be here in JUNE!!!

How was your weekend?

See any beautiful sunsets?

Have a great day!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wedding Recap: Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner

Hi y'all & Happy Friday!

I know I said I would be back to my regular blogging but, it's down right hard getting back into the swing of things after vacation or any BIG things that occur in life, in my opinion.

So, to start off the Monday before the wedding Matt & I went down town to get our marriage license.
It was such a surreal moment!

If you follow me on Instagram (@shayna_y shameless plug) then you've already seen this.  Matt is always a great sport about my "we need to document everything" ways so I thought it was too funny how he was all of a sudden acting so "Joe Cool" about it this day!  nerd.

The day before the wedding, Friday, I had lunch with all of my bridesmaids, aunts, cousins, future mother-in-law & sister-in-law & future niece.  All in all there was about 15 of us that had lunch & then we were off to the nail salon to be pampered a bit before all of the craziness began!

Here's most of us girls at the nail salon on our way out... some had already made their way out, oops!

I remember traffic was INSANE that afternoon because not only was it Friday BUT, Mayfest was happening that weekend (Spring kick-off festival) & a major event at TCU - making it almost impossible to get anywhere in a hurry!  None the less we made it to the church & started the rehearsal.

Here's some snap shots of the rehearsal:


After we finished with the rehearsal it was off to Chimy's for the rehearsal dinner.  Chimy's was also catering our wedding reception so we thought why not the rehearsal dinner too!?  Being that they hosted both of our dinners, it worked out perfectly to only deal with one company/restaurant for ALL of the food & bevvies.  (Note to brides: the less vendors/people to deal with the better!)

The lighting was super weird in the party room but, here's some snap shots from the rehearsal dinner:

Some of our wedding party & their spouses

Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids... & Chris!

Family & wedding party!

Mixing of two families... loved that everyone clicked SO well!

Yancey family!


Dad, brother, aunt, uncle & cousin!

a lil blurry but, we'll roll with it!

Last picture together as an engaged couple!!!  :)

A fun, laid back atmosphere is what we wanted & that's exactly what we got!

What better way to start off wedding festivities surrounded by friends & family that you love so much!?  We had so much fun, I just wish we could go back & do it all over again!

I won't get pictures back from my photographer for a couple more weeks so, hang tight.  I'm DYING to get them back & be able to share them with everyone!!!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


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