Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Honeymoon In Memphis - Part 1

This Memorial Day weekend Matt & I road tripped to Memphis, TN for our honeymoon trip.  After our original plans to California fell through when life threw us a curve ball early this year, we decided on Memphis as a "runner-up trip".  Sort of a random place for a honeymoon really but, it was nice to do something completely new & different that we'd never experienced before!

Friday morning we woke up bright & early & hopped in the car on our way to Memphis.

Here's a look into Friday & Saturday in Memphis!

We arrived at the hotel Friday afternoon, freshened up & was off to downtown to Gus's Fried Chicken!
Yes, they sell 40's.  & They are a whoppin' $4.75!

Dinner was awesome & we'll definitely be back to Gus's!

After we left Gus's we headed down to Beale St for a little fun!

Enjoying the music at Jerry Lee Lewis Honky Tonk!


We got a late start & I was worried we wouldn't make breakfast where I had planned, The Arcade Restaurant but, we called & they serve breakfast from 7-3!  Whoop!  Score one for the Yancey's!

Score 2 for the Yancey's when this came to our table!  We found out why The Arcade is the oldest cafe in town... It was Yumm-o!

After brunch we went to tour Sun Studio where Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis & Elvis all got their starts in rock 'n roll!  It was really neat to see where so many great musicians started.  You could just feel all of the love & history that was in that studio!

We got to pose with THE mic that Johnny, Jerry AND Elvis all used when in studio!!!

In front of the Sun Studio original entrance.

We headed back down town after leaving Sun Studio & as soon as we got there, our check engine light came on.  Being that it was a holiday weekend & the next day was Sunday, we knew we had to go get it checked out.  So we did & finally got back to down town later that afternoon.  We were tired & decided to take a ride on the trolley.  We had fun riding the trolley & Matt's engineer mind was loving it!  Haha!

Saturday evening consisted of us being exhausted, downtown being extremely crowded for multiple reasons & us grabbing pizza & beers at Aldo's Pizza Pies randomly for dinner.  It was such a great choice for dinner though.  #mouthiswateringagain

I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2 of our trip.  Sunday was jam packed with tour after tour so, I have a lot to share!

***After my re-caps I'll share how we planned our trip with the help of who & what websites.

Have you ever been to Memphis?


  1. Love love love this post! woohoo honeymoon!

  2. I live in KY about 4 hours from Memphis and I LOVE this town!!! It is probably one of my absolute favorite weekend getaways!! we go there one weekend every summer for about the last 4 years. I hope you got to eat at Rendouvous!! It is just off of Beale. Sun Studios is a really neat place, we went there the last summer.

  3. Girl! I live in DeSoto County, super close to Memphis and I've never seen some of these things! So glad y'all had a good time! :)

  4. Even though it was a backup trip, it still looks like a fun time! It's always fun going to new places, experiencing new restaurants and places!

  5. Oh fun! I was just downtown at the Redbirds game Friday night. I passed Aldo's as we were walking around and i still have not tried that place but a friend said it was amazing. Hope the rest of the trip was awesome :)

  6. I have got some catching up to do in Memphis. I have never done any of the above. #MattTheRockStar

  7. Oh my goodness, we were seriously like so close at so many points! I rode the trolley Saturday. Friday we were right by Beale. We totally could have met up. I'm glad you had fun though!!

  8. FUN! I've always wanted to go to Memphis! You may have sold me on this post!

  9. So awesome! Memphis is definitely on one of my places to visit. Maybe next year!


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