Thursday, May 30, 2013

Honeymoon in Memphis - Part 2 {+ a Surprise!}

I left y'all at Saturday night... Matt & I were tired from walking everywhere, the car issue & miserably stuffed from the OH-SO delicious dinner we had at Aldo's Pizza.  We turned in early & that was the best decision ev-eerrrr! #youknowyoureoldwhen  I knew what you were thinking, I said it for you.

So anyways.... Sunday morning we were up early & off to our first stop... the donut store.  DUH!  We didn't have time to let a big meal get in the way & those donuts were soooo good!

Sunday was jam packed with planned tours at 10, 12 & 2 - no kidding!

First stop, the Rock 'n Soul Museum!

The tour started out with a short documentary of how Rock 'n Soul music was born.  After the video, we each were given a set of head phones to walk through the exhibit & hear different short stories for each section.

We learned a lot of neat facts... like how only 1 tiny radio was in a home & you only listened to it on weekend nights when the Grand Ole Opry was playing because it was ran off of battery & most families could only afford 1 battery a year!  {Most radios were found in the kitchen set up similar to this} 

WDIA - the first all black radio station.  All teenagers, black & white, LOVED this radio station.

The changing of juke boxes... They found out that putting bright, colored lights on the machines attracted more people to it.  Thus, bringing in more money.  Now, you will always see a juke box with bright neon lights somewhere on the machine.  Right??  Pretty neat huh!?

Our 12 o'clock tour took us to the Metal Museum

This was definitely more along the artsy type of things that we did which isn't exactly up our alley but, it was really neat to see the different things that are created with metals.  Here's a few snap shops of the working metal shop that is on sight.  I especially loved the American Flag!

The grounds are absolutely beautiful so we walked around for a bit & got a great view of the Mighty Mississippi River!

i love that left handed bling-bling!

After the metal museum we were off to... GRACELAND!!!

Now, because 1 it would be complete & utter picture overload & 2 Graceland & The King deserve a blog post on their own to do them proper justice, I'll show a few pictures here today & the rest in a separate blog post!

I promise I'll be back with more about The King!

After we left Graceland, it was almost time for dinner!  We had yet to have some Southern BBQ so, that's what was for dinner!  We decided to try out Pig On Beale & like everywhere else we ate, it was great!

After dinner I talked Matt into staying on Beale St for a little while longer since it was our last night in Memphis.  We actually ended up running into some old friends of his from high school.  YES from HIGH SCHOOL!  IN TEXAS!  Can you believe that!?  We literally do not go anywhere without running into someone he knows from his home town - & we live 90 miles away from there!  Craziness!  Anyways... we found this fun little hole in the wall bar that had this awesome blues band playing!

Last night in Memphis & on Beale St.!

Monday morning we were up bright & early again to hit the road home!

On Friday, Matt & I decided to go home through Mississippi & Louisiana Monday.  Callie chimed in on Instagram saying that we would be so close to where she lives!  I was instantly excited because even though this is our honeymoon, HOW COOL would it be to meet one of my sweet, dear blogging friends??  I was then bummed to find out that they had plans to be in New Orleans that weekend & they wouldn't be coming to Memphis.  :(  However, it just so happened her & Kendol would be home Sunday afternoon & were having a Memorial Day Cookout Monday!  She invited us to stop on our way & come join their party!  SO WE DID!!!
We had a blate!  We had a blate! We had a blaaaate!!!

Callie, her husband Kendol & all of their friends were SO nice & welcoming!  Matt & I had a great time but, the only draw back was we still had a 7 hour drive ahead of us so we had to leave earlier than wanted.  I can't wait to go back to Mississippi (Callie I might show up one afternoon!) OR have Callie & Kendol here in Texas!!!

I still can't believe I met Callie in person!!!  She's fun & just as sweet in person!  Thanks Callie & Kendol for having us, we enjoyed it so much!!

That wraps up our time spent in Memphis.  It was an absolutely fun trip & we'll definitely go back again!  If you haven't been to Memphis OR you go but, don't do all of the "touristy" things, DO THEM!  You won't regret it!


  1. You did so much on your honeymoon, so amazing! love all the picture.

  2. Please show up one afternoon!! That would make my life ha!! So glad y'all enjoyed it. Just wish you could have stayed for the food.

  3. How fun to have a blate! Can't wait to see the pics of Graceland. What a fun place to visit!

  4. I love Pig on Beale!!! And all the little bluesy joints on Beale is my favorite!! There is one that we always go in, but I have no clue to the name of it, but looks like the one you posted pics of, the brick and all!!!

  5. this is awesome! So glad y'all got to have a blate!


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