Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday!

Hey friends!!!  Happy 1st day of Summer!

I don't know about y'all but the fact that Summer is officially here makes me very excited.  However, if you're in Texas you've probably felt like Summer was here since mid May or so!  But hey I'll take the warm sunshine over cold or rainy any day - no complaints here!

Linking up with Christina & the girls today!

One - I have been a painting fool this week.  Last night I touched up spots I missed the first go 'round & finished painting all of the corners in the room.  The color isn't as dark as we wanted but, I think it looks great & loving how it's turning out so far!  All that's left to paint is the ceiling!!!

Two - Last night while watering the flower beds in the front yard, our neighbor from across the street was doing the same in his yard... we walked to the edge of yards & were talking for a few minutes... & THEN he complimented me on how nice our flower beds looked & said that we had done a great job!!!

Is that not the best/nicest thing ever??  I thought so & it just made my night knowing that others had noticed (& approved) of our hard work!  #patsselfonback

Three - I ordered our curtains for the big window in the dining room this week from Macy's!  I can't wait to get them in & hang them up.  I know they will look great (at least I hope so) once we get everything done & furniture in place!  Bonus: They were on sale + I used gift cards from our wedding!  Bam!

Four - 1 week from tomorrow our friends from Denmark will be arriving & I couldn't be more excited!!!  It's been 2 years since we've seen them!  They will be our first "official" guest in the new house!!!

Five - Favorite Tune..... Will Hoge!  I first heard him live last year & fell in love with his music!  I finally bought his latest CD last week & can't turn it off!  Here's a tune you may know from the Eli Young Band... Will wrote this song!
Do yourself a favor & check him out!!!

It's another weekend full of house projects!  I'm excited though because tomorrow morning the wall between the two rooms comes down completely... meaning no more 2x4's in the middle of the room!!!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Girl, you need a break! Have a great, home renovation fun-filled weekend!

  2. Busy bee you've been! Yards are always hard to nail down but that's a good compliment to receive! Hard work pays off!

  3. Those curtains are great - I'm sure they'll look great!!!

  4. Love the new curtains! Isn't it the best when neighbors compliment you!

  5. I love those curtains! So cute!


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