Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm All Shook Up... Graceland!

Taking it back a little today... When we were on our honeymoon trip in Memphis our afternoon at Graceland was a big part of our trip.  No, Matt & I didn't grow up with Elvis always being played on the radio & we certainly never made it to a concert or anything of the such.  We do both have memories of our parents & grandparents for me talking about & singing Elvis songs.

We pre-ordered our tickets as the website suggested & it was well worth it.  Speaking of... we both agreed that for the price we paid for our tickets, Elvis better show up as a hologram or something of the sort!  Unfortunately, He didn't.  That's ok though because it turned out to be an awesome experience & we got so much more out of it than we thought we would!

Starting from the beginning, here's some of our favorite parts of Graceland.  Prepare for picture overload... :)

Living Room

Elvis' mom's bedroom... I LOVE the deep, rich purple!

Records upon records upon records... This doesn't even show half of them.

Game room at the front of the Racquet Ball building

Piano Elvis played on the last morning he was alive

Racquet ball court turned into record displays

Yes, that's a gold plated sink...

Across the street from Graceland, famous music gates in the back.

If you made it through these pictures, pat yourself on the back!  Matt & I had so much fun at Graceland & we look forward to going back again one day.  Yes, I'm aware nothing will be changed but, believe it or not... after 3 hours at Graceland we still did not see everything!  My advice, if you're ever in Memphis, do yourself a favor & make time to visit Graceland.  I promise you won't regret it!

I hope y'all enjoyed our tour of Graceland!  Come back tomorrow for a tour of Yancey-land... ok, our house, casa, humble abode... Just come back & see me, will ya!?


  1. I loved your post!!!! One of my favorite rooms was the kitchen. Yeah it is common today but think back to the time, NO ONE had a microwave or a phone in it!!! And the ice maker in the fridge!!!! And what about the 3 tvs in the room, so he could watch all three networks at once!!! I love Graceland!

  2. I'm going to Graceland once this summer! I think it's free for teachers with an ID. So excited!

  3. Ya know, I've lived around Memphis all my life and just did Graceland two years ago. My daughter's class took a field trip there and I took advantage of that group discount lol. It was much more interesting than I expected


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