Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Was a Wash... June Goals!

Hey y'all!!!

First I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone for all of your sweet words & prayers from my last post.  It means the world to me!  Not every day is an easy day but, you learn to deal & trudge through.  Plus, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel...
just keep moving.

So... reluctantly let's go over April goals...

+Continue doing awesome on YF
+Make meal plans & cook dinner
+Go to the gym & workout 3-4 each week
+Blog more than 5 times for the month
+Make it through the month

Well, we see where my priorities were at!  Haha!  I skipped May all together because of obvious reasons.  I felt if I made it through the first weekend, I was doing good & the rest of the month was just to relax & have fun!

June Goals!!!

+Start back to healthy/clean eating
+Make meal plans & cook breakfast & dinners
+Workout 3-4 times each week
+Give a picture tour of the house on the blog
+Knock out the dining room wall in the house
+Finish the dining room by the time Martin & Natasja get to town (6/29)
+Lay down wood floors in front part of the house
+Re-paint the front part of the house
+Paint closet doors (11!!!)
+Organize office/craft room
+Paint dresser set for master bedroom
+Finish setting up & organizing guest room
+Get started on new work project

WOWZA!  I better stop now!  That's a lot to do this month but, I'm going to push to get most if not all of it done!  I know if we can get these house projects done we will have such a great time celebrating the 4th of July... it will be like a double celebration!  Happy Birthday USA & hallelujah we're done with these projects!!!  I promise I haven't forgotten to show y'all the house, it's just been a complete & utter wreck (still is really) & not much to show off really... except a half put together master bedroom, ugly outdated bathrooms, horrible wall paper... the list goes on & we've got our hands full that's for sure!  But, no complaints here (yet) it's exactly what we wanted & that's why we bought the house.

What are your May goals??

I hope you love bugs have a great day & rest of the week!!!


  1. You will rock it out in June I know it!

  2. You will do what you can! :) Have fun working on these goals!

  3. All these fun house goals!! You will knock those out, for sure bc it will drive you nuts that they aren't done yet ha! I CANNOT wait to see pics.

  4. That's quite a list you've got going! I haven't set any specific goals for June yet...might want to get on that seeing how we're 5 days in already :)

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