Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh Heeey!

Just thought I would pop in & wish everyone a Happy Friday!!!

It's been a crazy busy week, getting our house ready to slide into weekend & finally take a rest & enjoy some down time!  Remember that wall we've been working on taking out??  Well, last Saturday Matt & a friend of ours worked ALL day to put in the support beam, because we were taking out a load bearing wall.  Take my word for it don't take out a load bearing wall!  I know it will be worth it once we're completely done but, geeze it took a long time & of course there were a couple of set backs along the way - that's expected.

This was after the actual wall had been taken out, the temporary wall was in place & putting the beam in place!  It looks even more different now but, more updated pictures will come when we have much more done that you can actually see in pictures.

This week has consisted of drywall, tape & bed, texture, paint.... it's coming along!!!

Thanks to Lisa @ Before Meets After & her brilliant idea, I was able to refinish these 80's dressers that were Matt's from college.  Thankfully, they were still in good condition & we now have a new set of dressers for our master bedroom!  I also added another coat of paint & clear coat to my great-grandmother's dresser that I re-did a while back... before & after's of that fun project here!

When working on stuff around the house I was walking through the living room last night & noticed this little guy...

A funny reminder that there's a little fur ball running around with playtime always on his brain!!
#thiswasnotsetup #binghamssockmonkey #yeshehasbeenstitchedupmultipletimes

We have a big weekend coming up, starting off with our friends from Denmark arriving tomorrow (staying with us for a whole week!!!) & Matt's parent's 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday!

Have a great weekend sweet friends!


  1. Lookin good!!! Great job with those dressers, it's amazing what a little paint can do! :) Have fun with your friends from Denmark! :)

  2. Looks so good!! I laughed at the sock monkey...that cute little guy admist all the work! Sounds like y'all have a busy, but fun, weekend ahead. Hope it's great!

  3. Remodeling is so exhausting but still kind of fun! We need to spend our time and money on our backyard. We have ZERO plants back there. Front yard is good at least :) ha!

  4. Slowly but surely coming along! Our fur babies are so patient with us when we're out working long days on the farm too-we just know we have to spend a little extra time with them when we can! have a great time with your friends!

  5. The house is coming along so nice! Can't wait to see it as it progresses!

  6. Wow! It looks like you have so much going on! Looking forward to seeing the final :)



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