Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to the Grind!

Oh the weekend... why must you be so short??

Even though most weekends are shorter than necessary, we know how to make it a productive one.  So take that short weekend!

1. Friday night consisted of dinner at Cold Stone - yes, ice cream for dinner!  {Perks of being an adult... making adult decisions!}  Taking the pup for a walk around TCU campus & swinging on the swing in the middle of said campus.  Perfection!

2 & 3. House work.  After a month off we're back to work!  Our Saturday was spent taking out paneling, discovering the awesome patch job of old drywall behind the paneling & taking down the painted over wall paper that covered the ceiling.  Pure genius' whoever did this!  {insert sarcasm}  However, this is a blessing in disguise because the previous owner's were smokers so, in having to put new drywall up it ensures that we're getting as much nicotine OUT as possible!

4.  Bingham getting an impromptu bath at my Dad's barn because he decided to go take a roll in the cow poo.  That child... I'm not sure who he takes after but, it definitely isn't me!  ;)

How was your weekend?

Productive or full of fun??

Linking up with Sami & Meg today!

Have a great Monday y'all!

+ My thoughts, prayers & condolences go out to the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show & all Kidd's family & friends.  Although I never met the man - only knew him through the car speakers, he touch my life & so many others in ways that are indescribable!  Such a funny, loving, kind-hearted & giving human being.  The radio world & beyond lost a such a wonderful person this weekend.  RIP Kidd Kraddick!


  1. Girl, I listened to the show this morning and it was heart breaking! I'm so sad. I'm glad you had a great weekend though!

  2. Cold Stone for dinner?!?! LOVE IT!!! I had ice cream for lunch the other day, but it was no Cold Stone!

  3. that antique-looking table/dresser is the cutest!

  4. They might not seem great at the time, but sometimes surprises are blessing in disguise. Like you said it is getting that nicotine out.


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