Monday, July 15, 2013

I've Got Sunshine & Rainy Days!

This weekend is one we'll file under "Perfection".  That's exactly what it was.  Texas is known for it's crazy weather & we joke that Mother Nature has quite the mood swings at times.  Turns out those mood swings can be a positive thing too!

Saturday the sun was out so much there was NO getting away from it!  It was hot, hot, HOT.  So, after we took Bingham to the vet for a check-up (Pup's all healthy!) Matt & I went to the Parker County Peach Festival to mozy around in the heat.  We ate some delicious peach flavored ice cream & had the best Peach Tea around!  It was a great afternoon but, the sun & heat quickly got to us.
Mom put the camera down... I'm at the doctor for goodness sakes!?

Thankfully we were able to hit the lake with some good friends of ours for a late afternoon cruise & the guys to get in some time on the wake board!

Sunsets on the lake are some of my favorite

Sunday morning we woke up to something we haven't heard in a LONG time... Rain!  It was a nice steady rain all. day. long.  Which turned into a day of a little house cleaning, movies with the man & crafts for my best friends wedding shower - I just love productive yet relaxing Sundays!

See?  Mother Nature did not disappoint this weekend!  One day of perfectly, scorching hot weather that permitted an afternoon at the lake & another day of cooler temperatures accompanied by rain - perfection in my book!

Linking-up with Sami for some shenanigans today!

How was your weekend??

Make it to any fun local festivals??


  1. Super cute favors!

    Love lake time!

  2. Lake days are the best when it's super hot! And I'm sure you guys needed the rain badly. I LOVE the vases at the bottom-they are cute cute!

  3. those sunset pictures are gorgeous!


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