Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July Goals!

I realize that we're a quarter of the way through the month already but, my motto is, "better late than never!"  So, here I am... better late than never with my July Goals!

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Moving along...

Let's see how I did last month with my goals:

+Start back to healthy/clean eating... if you consider McD's & Chik-Fil-A clean eating... :)
+Make meal plans & cook breakfast & dinners... This happened some but, not near enough!
+Workout 3-4 times each week...  Fail!
+Give a picture tour of the house on the blog... Check!  Click here if you missed it + look for some updates coming soon!
+Knock out the dining room wall in the house... Check!  (It's just not completely finished yet!)  Click here, here & here to see our progress!
+Lay down wood floors in front part of the house... Another story for another day - basically, it ain't done yet!
+Re-paint front part of the house... Check!  Done for now!
+Paint closet doors (11!)... They never even came off of the hinges!
+Organize office/craft room... Nope, didn't happen!
+Paint dresser set for master bedroom... Check!  Click here to see them!  Still looking for hardware, pics to come!
+Finish setting up & organizing guest room... Check!  Pics to come soon!
+Get started on new work project... Barely started, so much more to go!

Goals for July

+Make meal plans & cook meals!
+Get back to workouts... even neighborhood walks & at home toning!
+Paint closet doors
+Organize office/craft room
+Launch new work project
+Find hardware for master dresser set
+Plan a date night for Matt & I
+Tear out paneling in living room & re-texture & paint
+Find new solution/idea for flooring

Well, I have to say that I don't feel as much anxiety about these goals as I did last month!  HAHA!  Maybe I put too much on my plate last month??  Oh well, "shoot for the moon & you'll land among the stars!"  One of my FAVORITE quotes!  We did get quite a bit done, all things considered so I think of June as a success!

What are your goals for July??

Share in the comments below!


  1. You got this lady! i know you will rock it out!


  2. I still think you got a LOT done! We have so much farming and outdoor work to do during the summer, that it's hard to have any goals at all. It's a daily goal of mine just to not bring pizza home for dinner every night, or eat out every night!

  3. Give me your workout motivate! I only do like once per week, and that's a stretch some weeks. I AM SO BAD!


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