Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Visitors from 4,943 Miles Away!

Luckily, Matt & I got our house in order just in time to head out the door to pick up our friends that were arriving that afternoon from Denmark!  Yes, Denmark!

(Quick back story... we met them on couchsurfing.org 2 years ago.  They crashed on our couch for a weekend & we hit it off with them!  We've all stayed in touch over the last 2 years & since they love Texas so much they decided to come back for another visit!)

And now you can hit the little red X at the top.... I know my freak flag is now flying!

Moving along... Saturday night we went to the rodeo in Ft Worth & then went out to eat Texas BBQ!  No pictures we're taken on my part.  #bloggerfail  It was Natasja & Martin's first rodeo ever & they had a blast!

Sunday was Matt's parent's 40th wedding anniversary.  We traveled to Graham to watch them renew their vows & celebrate after!  It was the sweetest thing as they both got choked up & you could tell just how much they love each other... even after all of these years!

Matt & I had to work Monday & Tuesday so they were low-key evenings, grilling out & enjoying the cold front that had come through... 90*!!!

After shopping all day during the day at Grapevine Mills Mall, Wednesday night we took Natasja & Martin out on the town to a few of our favorite bars & to hear some live, local music!

Uncle Lucius @ The Capital Bar
New Coor's Orginal bottles??

Ending the night at Poag Mohones Irish Pub!

Thursday was of course 4th of July!  Natasja & Martin's first 4th of July to celebrate (which they loved! :)) & their 10 year anniversary!!!  We played for a little bit on the lake & then came back to Ft Worth to watch the city fireworks from the rooftop of Bar Louie!

My festive outfit of the night!


Friday afternoon we ventured to the Rangers baseball game, did some tailgating before & cheered on the Rangers against the Astros!  Another 1st for Natasja & Martin!!!

Saturday afternoon was spent at Rahr Brewery in Ft. Worth & the historic White Elephant Saloon.  Another blogger fail, no pictures!  We ended the night by ordering Pizza (thanks to the Texas Rangers win the night before!) & playing Chicken Foot dominoes!  Has anyone else ever played Chicken Foot??  It's forever a childhood memory for when I'd go to my grandparent's house or at big family get-togethers!

One last first... SNOCONES!!!!
Natasja & Martin LOVED the snocones & it was mine & Matt's first of the season so they were all extra yummy!!!

On Sunday after church we dropped them off at the Amtrak Train station so they could head south to Austin to visit with some more friends!  We were sad to see them go but, they'll be back next week for a couple more days before they leave for good!

Matt & I had so much fun getting to hang out with Martin & Natasja more & show them around our great home of Ft. Worth!  We learned all about Tennis & Wimbledon & the Tour de France... And I learned that I'm not quite the shopper I used to be! Gaasssp!  Natasja can shop & she doesn't drop!  HA!

Can't wait to see y'all one last time before y'all head home!!!

Have you ever played hostess to friends in your city?  


  1. Looks like a fabulously awesome time! :)

  2. What a wonderful week! You have definitey got to be adventurous to try out that couch surfing lol. When Travis and I met in person for the first time it was in Ft. Worth, as he used to live just south of there. White Elephant Saloon in one I'd my fave bars I've ever been too. That place is so special we even got out engagement photos done at the Stockyards. I've really enjoyed coming across your blog! I'm a recent newlywed as of June 1, and we are in the process of buying our first home. A lot of similar experiences :-)


  3. You guys are such great hosts!! And no, your freak flag wasn't flying, hahaha. Looks like they had a great time while they were there!


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