Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wedding Rewind... My Bridal Pictures!

In just a few short days, Matt & I will officially be married for 3 months!  3 months!!!  Where has the time gone??

I figured since it has already been three months, I'll go ahead and begin sharing some of our wedding pictures with y'all here on the blog!

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite bridal pictures!  Originally, I wasn't going to do bridal pictures but, after being at a wedding earlier this year and seeing how beautiful the bride's turned out I asked Matt what he thought & he agreed! The Photographer, Dara, and I hit it off right away!  She's absolutely hilarious and the girl's got skillzzz!!

My Mom's wedding ring... so happy she was able to capture the beauty & specialness of her ring.

Funny story... school had just let out & it was tee time at the golf course right by us... we almost got ran over a few times!  Don't worry, Dara doesn't try to kill all of her clients!

I don't mean to come off vain here but, I just love these pictures!  I'm not generally one who sits down & says, "Oh, look how beautiful I look!"  But, Dara has a way of making you feel so comfortable & reminds you to just have fun with it!  I guess it's all about embracing who you are & loving yourself... your whole self.

I hope to start sharing more of our pictures here on the blog.  It was such an amazing day & I want to remember everything about it!

See more of Dara's work @ Dara Yvette Photography!  If you're in the North Texas area, check her out!!!

*All pictures are Copyright of Dara Yvette Photography.  If you would like to use any of these pictures in any way, please contact myself or Dara.

Hope y'all love these just as much as I do!


  1. Obsessed!!! I love all of them, friend.

  2. You are so beautiful! Love all of them!

  3. You are beautiful! I LOVE your dress.

  4. Shayna!!! You look absolutely beautiful!!! :) Amazing pictures!

  5. You look so beautiful and happy!

  6. THese are absolutely stunning!! She did a great job! And had a good subject of course :)

  7. You are stunningly beautiful Shayna! I love them all


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