Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A 30th Fiesta!

This last weekend Matt & I went to celebrate one of best friend's 30th birthday... Fiesta style!

When my best friend Kimberly asked me several weeks ago to help with planning of her hubs party, I immediately said "YES" and my party planning wheels started spinning!

I wanted to share how the party turned out, great of course!
*Please excuse the iPhone pics that follow*

 Best taco truck for dinner!  If you're in the North Ft Worth/Denton area, call Barbara!

Chips & Dip Station

Gotta keep those party people hydrated!

Margarita Station

Fiesta banner printable found here

 Birthday banner crafted by yours truly

Best Friend, Kimberly!  Must always dress for the occasion!

Not the birthday boys... :)
Unfortunately, I'm terrible & did not get one picture of the birthday boy himself!?

We all had SO much fun!  We can tell we're getting older because it takes us longer to find our energy the next day.  ;)  So worth it though!

**All decorations & party accessories found on Etsy, Hobby Lobby & Party City - Message me if you have any questions!

Have you thrown or been to a Fiesta party?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekday Happenings!

Hey y'all!  Happy Friday!!!

It's been a crazy/busy week around these parts!  From house work, to party planning, to not meeting deadlines, to meltdowns, to recharging, to workouts and reclaiming my kitchen.  I feel like I've been all over the world this week yet, I haven't even left my little bubble.  Funny how that works sometimes.

Tuesday afternoon Matt got home and asked if I wanted to go to the Rangers game with his brother & nephews.  After passing up the game last Saturday because of house work combined with it being our nephews first ever Rangers game, it was hard to say no.  So, we said yes and went to experience our nephews first Rangers game with them.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  They both had so much fun... asking questions, trying to follow the ball & being so excited when Beltre hit a home run & the fire works went off!

If you follow me on Instagram (@shayna_yancey) you may have already seen these... be still my heart!

Last night I gave myself a good 'ol pat on the back for an aaa-mazing dinner!  Ok maybe it wasn't amazing but, it was definitely delicious & I can't wait to have it again for lunch today!

I give you... Soft Turkey Tacos!

+ 1 lb. ground turkey
+ 1 can black beans
+ 1 can diced tomatoes
+ Mexi spices - I used Southwestern Seasoning & Chili Lime Rub
+ Whole wheat flour tortillas
+ Cheese & Salsa

- Brown the turkey meat & add seasoning.  Let the seasoning cook for a few minutes.
- Add in the black beans (drained) and diced tomatoes.
- Cook all together for about 10 minutes.... & DONE!

Heat your whole wheat flour tortillas, grate a little cheese, and bring on the salsa!  (Our favorite salsa is this Native Texan at Central Market!)

I know I'm terrible at food pictures buuut, I promise it's so good!

Cheers to a delicious dinner, my kitchen being CLEAN & it's Friday!

I hope you love bugs have a great weekend!  I'm off to Fiesta!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Oh Weekends!

 Here we are... another Monday morning.  I'm sure you're thinking the same thing I am... Where did the weekend go??

I know where mine went... 

Saturday = a day full of housework.  Prepping to blow texture on the walls by Tuesday or Wednesday.  Crossing my fingers we get texture up by Tuesday!  I would LOVE to paint on Wednesday!

Saturday evening Matt & I enjoyed the unusually cool August evening with Domino's & a few Miller Lite's.  It was really really nice to just hang out with my husband.  No tv, no cell phones (except for this pic, duh!), no distractions what so ever.  We've yet to take advantage of our new Adirondack chairs my Dad gifted us with & that's just what we did.  We talked & laughed together - just enjoyed each others company.  It was good.  Really, really good.
Whether you're married or not, I think it's important (and healthy for your relationship) to make some quality time with your spouse.  Even the littlest of times can make for some of the best memories.

Sunday was another busy day of house work & preparing for the week ahead!  I was up early & to the grocery store... thinking I would beat the crowd.  I did for about 10 minutes and then everyone & their dog showed up!  What's with that!?

I did something far out of the ordinary as of late,  I packed my gym bag & will be making an appearance at 'ol 24 hour this afternoon!  I'm most definitely a little scared of how this is going to go.  Say a prayer for me?  I've noticed a lot of  people have been heading back to the gym recently - what's inspired you??

Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday!

Hi y'all!  Yes, I'm alive.  Please excuse my little hiatus but, honestly, I've been in a funk this week & really in no mood to write.  Have no fear, I've pulled myself out of it & feel back to "normal".  Whatever that is.

Soooo moving right along!  What better way to pull yourself out of a funk than hi-lighting 5 favorite things??
Exactly, there's not one! So, I'm linking-up with Christina & the gang for 5 on Friday!

One - I cannot say enough just how thankful I am to have such wonderful girlfriends in my life - These four ladies especially!  From monthly dinners out, to random shopping trips, bathroom conversations & daily group texts - these girls are the best of the best & I wouldn't trade one of them for anything!

Two - Matt & I have been married for a little more than 3 months.  We've been trying to go through wedding pictures & decide on ones that we like & would like to have printed.  It's been hard for multiple reasons buuut, that's also the reason they haven't been shared here yet either.  I wish I could re-do our whole day over again.... Only because I loved it SO much!

Three - As you probably know (how could you not unless your living under a rock) Matt & I are renovating the dining/living/kitchen area in our house currently.  With paint, counter tops & back splashes on our horizon, I've taken to my Pinterest boards for some inspiration and it all makes me SO excited!

Four - I've also been working with one of my best friends planning her husband's 30th birthday party!  We've decided the theme will be Fiesta and she's put me in charge of all the decorations!!!  My little party planning heart has skipped a few beats & I've just been in heaven!  It's been so much fun gathering things & this weekend I'm going to start putting it all together & be ready to go for next weekend!  Here's a little inspiration I've gathered.... You may recognize some from Mrs. Carolina Charm herself - that girl is a party hosting fool!

Five - Yesterday one of my girlfriends sent out this YouTube video to us girls... I don't remember seeing it before but, it made me laugh SO hard!  I hope you do too!

On that note (no pun intended) I'm out!

Happy Friday y'all!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Goals - Better Late Than Never... Again!

Oh hey August 7th!  Where in the heck did you come from!?

Let's review shall we?

+Make meal plans & cook meals
+Get back to workouts - we walked one evening.  womp. womp womp.
+Paint closet doors
+Organize office/craft room
+Launch new work project
+Plan a date night for Matt & I
+Tear out paneling in living room & re-texture & paint
+Find new solution idea for flooring

Hmm... it seems I forgot that I made any goals for the month of July.  I'm really not even sure where that month went to be honest.  How is it August 7th again??

Here's what I'm hoping not to forget for August...

+Buy groceries & cook dinner
+Maybe try to work some muscles
+Organize office/craft room
+Plan a date night for Matt & I
+Finish going through & picking out wedding pictures for our book
+Help Kimberly pull off the best 30th Fiesta evvaaa for her husband
+COMPLETE Living/Breakfast Nook/Kitchen project
+Stay on or under budget for our August budget.... we're this close to going over already.  Awesome.

And because I'm feeling a little Ho Hey today... Enjoy!

Have you made any monthly or yearly goals?

Have you been successful at checking those babies off your list?

Happy hump day!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What Comes Down, Must Go Back Up

I told myself I wasn't going to share anymore house progress until we were done with the dining room/living room/breakfast nook/kitchen areas.  But, when that's literally all we've done this weekend, it's whatcha gettin!

If you follow me on Instagram (@shayna_yancey) you have probably seen most of these pictures but, here's what has been going on in our little slice of concrete jungle house!

Dinner dates have taken place in the living room on our new dining room table...

 Goal: Take out the entire ceiling & replace it



1. Ceiling prepped & ready for demolition!
2. Mid demo - Hello attic!
3. New ceiling going up!
4. Hello new ceiling!

We're ready to tape & bed, texture, paint, insert new lighting aaaannd THEN we're almost done!

Our house is literally a hot mess at the moment!  We are hoping to be done with all of the above by next weekend but, we'll see.  It's a crazy, busy week ahead...

Hope y'all had a great weekend & have a great week!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pinned it. Did it! - Hearts on a Stick

Last week I shared with y'all my beautiful best friend's bridal shower.

One of the decoration pieces that I made I thought turned out pretty darn cute!  And proceeded to pat myself on the back for it.  Of course, I found my inspiration pinspiration on Pinterest... where else!?

hearts on a stick

I call this Hearts on a Stick!  Sounds sweet & romantic right?  Thought so!

So, here's how I did this cute & simple project....

Supplies Needed:
+Scrapbook paper - 3 different patterns
+Heart stencils - 3 sizes
+Wooden dowels
+Hot Glue
+Buttons, bling or pearls
+Green moss
+Mason Jar or something of the sort

1. Trace & cut different size hearts on each of the pieces of scrapbook paper.
Yes, I used cookie cutters for the hearts... also seen here.

2. Once you have all the hearts cut out, begin gluing the wooden dowels to the back of each heart.  Since the paper is thin, you won't need a lot of hot glue.  After the dowels are attached, glue one piece of bling to a few of the hearts.  I added mine to the ones that were less "busy".

3. Stuff the mason jar about 3/4 of the way full with moss.  Then begin placing the hearts in the moss.  *You'll want some of them to be shorter than others.  Using the pliers, cut the dowels down to the desired length & place each stick in the moss.

4. Once you have all of your hearts in the desired place, fill the rest of the jar up with the moss, sticking it in between the dowels & letting some of it pop out the top!

Voila!  I give you, Hearts on a Stick!
I re-used this from my wedding... Wrap lace around, hot glue together & hot glue pearls on.

This was a very simple project that could be used for multiple different occasions and took me no time at all!
Simple? Minimal time?  Win-Win!

What Pinterest projects have you done lately?


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