Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Goals - Better Late Than Never... Again!

Oh hey August 7th!  Where in the heck did you come from!?

Let's review shall we?

+Make meal plans & cook meals
+Get back to workouts - we walked one evening.  womp. womp womp.
+Paint closet doors
+Organize office/craft room
+Launch new work project
+Plan a date night for Matt & I
+Tear out paneling in living room & re-texture & paint
+Find new solution idea for flooring

Hmm... it seems I forgot that I made any goals for the month of July.  I'm really not even sure where that month went to be honest.  How is it August 7th again??

Here's what I'm hoping not to forget for August...

+Buy groceries & cook dinner
+Maybe try to work some muscles
+Organize office/craft room
+Plan a date night for Matt & I
+Finish going through & picking out wedding pictures for our book
+Help Kimberly pull off the best 30th Fiesta evvaaa for her husband
+COMPLETE Living/Breakfast Nook/Kitchen project
+Stay on or under budget for our August budget.... we're this close to going over already.  Awesome.

And because I'm feeling a little Ho Hey today... Enjoy!

Have you made any monthly or yearly goals?

Have you been successful at checking those babies off your list?

Happy hump day!


  1. Way to go! You've inspired me to make some goals for myself. I hope you are successful this month!

  2. Eeeh, sometimes life is more important than goals. I know you'll rock out August.

    My goals for the month MAKE IT TO THE WEDDING in one piece ;0

  3. Get it, girl! I might be stealing a couple of these!

  4. I think it's kind of funny that in the weeks leading up to your wedding you did really good on your monthly goals, even with the wedding planning. Now that the wedding is over and you have more time, you don't get as many goals done! LOL..seems like it should be the opposite!!

  5. Do you use an online budget guide?? I need to get us more on track!

  6. On the bright side at least you made goals I need to do this what a great way to try and do my goals

  7. I'm doing this next month!!!
    I need to make goals!


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