Monday, August 19, 2013

Oh Weekends!

 Here we are... another Monday morning.  I'm sure you're thinking the same thing I am... Where did the weekend go??

I know where mine went... 

Saturday = a day full of housework.  Prepping to blow texture on the walls by Tuesday or Wednesday.  Crossing my fingers we get texture up by Tuesday!  I would LOVE to paint on Wednesday!

Saturday evening Matt & I enjoyed the unusually cool August evening with Domino's & a few Miller Lite's.  It was really really nice to just hang out with my husband.  No tv, no cell phones (except for this pic, duh!), no distractions what so ever.  We've yet to take advantage of our new Adirondack chairs my Dad gifted us with & that's just what we did.  We talked & laughed together - just enjoyed each others company.  It was good.  Really, really good.
Whether you're married or not, I think it's important (and healthy for your relationship) to make some quality time with your spouse.  Even the littlest of times can make for some of the best memories.

Sunday was another busy day of house work & preparing for the week ahead!  I was up early & to the grocery store... thinking I would beat the crowd.  I did for about 10 minutes and then everyone & their dog showed up!  What's with that!?

I did something far out of the ordinary as of late,  I packed my gym bag & will be making an appearance at 'ol 24 hour this afternoon!  I'm most definitely a little scared of how this is going to go.  Say a prayer for me?  I've noticed a lot of  people have been heading back to the gym recently - what's inspired you??


  1. We love our adirondack chairs!! Aren't they so comfortable??

    Snaps for your recent gym-spiration!!

  2. Ummm, no inspiration here cause I haven't worked out in a couple months! WHoops! But I will say I feel like my thighs are getting a little jiggly, so something will probably happen here in the near future. Good luck!

  3. I know girl so right on just spending time I think this world is so busy we forget to just take a few minutes and slow down and just enjoy life.
    I headed to gym today for the first time in 3 months good lord Ive got to get back on track I need inspirations so I reward myself with small treats if I reach a goal

  4. Domimos and miller lite...sounds like a hood night!

  5. You're going to post pictures after you paint, right?!
    I want nothing more than to enjoy a picnic with Eric tonight! Too bad he's traveling for business :( But now I know what we're doing this weekend! We are in desperate need of "us" time!

  6. I've actually taken a little break from exercise for the summer. I usually dance, and I needed a little time to allow myself to rest. But I can't wait to start up again in September! X


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