Sunday, August 4, 2013

What Comes Down, Must Go Back Up

I told myself I wasn't going to share anymore house progress until we were done with the dining room/living room/breakfast nook/kitchen areas.  But, when that's literally all we've done this weekend, it's whatcha gettin!

If you follow me on Instagram (@shayna_yancey) you have probably seen most of these pictures but, here's what has been going on in our little slice of concrete jungle house!

Dinner dates have taken place in the living room on our new dining room table...

 Goal: Take out the entire ceiling & replace it



1. Ceiling prepped & ready for demolition!
2. Mid demo - Hello attic!
3. New ceiling going up!
4. Hello new ceiling!

We're ready to tape & bed, texture, paint, insert new lighting aaaannd THEN we're almost done!

Our house is literally a hot mess at the moment!  We are hoping to be done with all of the above by next weekend but, we'll see.  It's a crazy, busy week ahead...

Hope y'all had a great weekend & have a great week!


  1. Loving that romantical dinner :) hehe

    So proud of you two and all your hard work!

  2. All of this hard work is going to SO be worth it in the end! You'll be able to look back on all of these picture, enjoy your house when it's finished and think "I never want to do that again!!" hahaha.

  3. I know right now you are probably like uhhhh but when its all over you will be sitting back drinking a cold one and being thankful and proud girl I cant wait to see it all so far yal have done awesome so just keep it up

  4. Oh my gosh....I feel for you! But I can't wait to see what it looks like once you finish! I'm sure it will be awesome!


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