Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall In Our Home

This changing of the season is very different for Matt & I this year... well more for me than Matt.  He doesn't pay attention to all of the same things I do.  Anyways, it's different in several ways.

For starters, we're not just in a new house, we're in a new house that we bought and are making it our home.  Second, this will be our first Fall/Winter to be a married couple!  I can actually put a "Y" on our front door wreath and not look like freak since we're technically not married.  And third, we're only beginning to make memories in our new home in this husband & wife life and it is so much fun!

Since I'm still working on putting house pictures together, this is a bit backwards but, I hope you enjoy!

Fall wreath I put together with extra goodies from home

Some of my decorations are passed down from my mom (which I love) & some are new that I've collected or made.  I don't know about you but, it seems like Fall in general makes things seem much cozier & gives off a little more of that "home" feeling.

Have you decorated for Fall?

What does Fall look like in your home?


  1. LOVe all the touches of fall, very pretty.

    Yeah, there is no FALL decor in our place right now. It's still a bunch of boxes from moving two weeks ago ;)

  2. Grrr, Patrick made me wait! He told me to wait until we got back from my parent's house! The anticipation is killing me! But your house looks great :)


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