Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Bingham!

There is a special little person err... fur person who has a birthday today!  Bingham turns 3!

When Bingham first came into our lives, I wasn't a dog person & we were in no need of a puppy and added responsibility.  Being just 6 weeks old in the top left pic, I fell in love with the little guy & was not taking "no" as an answer from Matt.  3 weeks later he was coming to his forever home with his forever parents.  We couldn't of made a better decision!
Can you believe just how wittle my baby was??
At times, in the beginning, I think Matt & I both questioned our decision.  Having a puppy is hard but, also, there was no way he was going anywhere else.  He's a crazy, funny little dog who never meets a stranger.  He has a load of toys that would put a kids toy box to shame.  He enjoys making new friends at the dog park & generally likes to play with the big dogs... think Weimaraner, Boxers, etc.  Bingham has no clue he's 15 lbs!  He's his dad's shadow & his mom's snuggle bear.  Speaking of snuggle bear, He loves to burrow - it's in his blood.  I couldn't imagine life without this little guy!  He is by far the best welcoming committee everyday & always knows how to put a smile on your face!

Happy 3rd Birthday little guy!

Now, to the toy store to celebrate??


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