Monday, September 30, 2013

October Goals

I know, I know... it's technically not yet October but, for once I'm going to be ahead of the game instead of a week behind.  Pat me on the back would ya?

Honestly, I'm a little sad to see September go.  Things have slowed down for a little bit - busy in different ways though and I really feel like I've been able to get myself out of the sinking hole I felt I was drowning in.  I'm not ready for October to whiz by & before we know it Christmas is here.  I just want to enjoy this time & soak up as much of it as I can!

But, Fall is definitely in full swing around here & I am loving it!  Let's look back at September

+ Finish front of the house remodels - Done & done!  (For now!)
+ Go to favorite gym 3+ times a week
+ Set up budget & stick to it ... We tried!  :)
+ Pay off two debts... We paid off one & put a good chunk in the other!
+ Plan 21st Birthday lunch for brother ... We had a fun afternoon!
+ Build dining room table ... we're tired of building this is def going on Oct!
+ Decorate for Fall - Done & I'm loving it!
+ Share house updates - coming soon!  So many pictures & stuff I want to share!
+ Share wedding pictures
+ E-mail wedding photographer & order coffee table book - a friend made me feel
better this weekend after sharing she hadn't ordered hers & they will soon celebrate 2 yrs!
+ Finish craft/DiY projects for front of house decorations
+ Participate in Treat Yoself Day - It was such a great day!
+ Plan a date day/night for Matt & I - even though we haven't gone on a date, we've spent some great quality time together & sometimes, that's all you need.
+ Plan Dad's birthday lunch - Fun day + a new recipe... coming soon!
+ Refinish bedside tables for master bedroom
+ Finish organizing the office - Does closing the door count!? ;)
+ Work on projects for new project - they've actually started working on themselves!
Must make this a priority though!!

Whew!  I would say I did pretty descent given the fact that the last couple of months before we're almost complete fails!  It's been a busy month but, I was able to get a lot done & enjoy it all along the way!

October Goals

+ Get back on meal plans & to the gym
+ Set up budget / Pay off one debt
+ Build dining room table
+ Begin sharing the new project
+ Decide on new blog design & launch it... with the new name!!!
+ Share house updates
+ Share wedding pictures
+ E-mail wedding photographer & order photo book!
+ Refinish bedside table for master bedroom
+ Organize the office
+ Print out wedding pictures for the house
+ Visit a pumpkin patch!
+ Design, order & print Christmas party invites - #ohmygoshican'tbelieveijustsaidthat
+ Organize Christmas card address list

Now that I've mentioned Christmas it's time for me to get out of here!

Happy Monday!


  1. Weeeeeeeeee can't wait to see wedding pictures! WOOP WOOP!

  2. First of all, YES, closing the door counts as organizing! hahaha. Second, embrace Christmas! I'm listening to Christmas music as we speak...and my Christmas shopping is almost done for the year :) I mean, I'm also planning on popping a kid out right before Christmas so I wanted to make sure I was ahead of the game! So far so good! I should be completed with my gifts in about 3 weeks, after they're all finished being made. How exciting is that?!


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