Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Junk Gypsy State of Mind

Thursday morning Matt & I left Ft. Worth headed for Corpus Christi... detouring to Round Top, TX first though!  This was a semi-last minute detour decision for us.  Earlier in the week I realized that Round Top wasn't too far from Austin & was really not too much out of the way for us on our way to CC.  I knew the Junk Gypsies had just opened their World Headquarters & I was dying to go!  I really didn't foresee myself getting there so soon but, I have a loving husband who rarely tells me no, some extra time in our day for the trip south & a wondering little heart that just has to see it all!

Round Top Road

Matt & I didn't get to spend much time in Round Top... actually, none other than driving through.  However, Amie & Jolie, of Junk Gypsy, talk about how Round Top has a magic about it that gets into your soul & I believe it!  It was so beautiful, so quiet & so peaceful out there... driving down Round Top Rd & it spit us out right in the middle of this itty bitty town.  I've never wanted to live in a baby town that size (Pop. 90) but, I know I could move to Round Top... & I wasn't even there for a day!

Pulling into the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters, I was filled with such excitement & you could immediately feel the Junk Gypsy spirit!  You can tell how much love & hard work went into constructing the store - so much fun & so many memories are to be made here!

That's their check out registers!!!

And then... I got to actually meet Jolie & Amie!!!
I actually saw Amie as soon as we walked in the front doors - she was greeting people as they came in.  I was so star & aw struck that I couldn't say anything but a shaky "Hiii" (you know, with that Texas draw).  It's sort of weird meeting celebrities or people that you think so highly of  & feel like you know them - they don't have a clue who you are but, are so glad to meet you!  It's a funny thing.  Amie & Jolie were the absolute sweetest though!  Made us feel right at home & we just chatted about everyday stuff - junkin' of course!  They're the kind of ladies that you could have a super fun day with & not want to leave because you're having such a good time!  That's pretty much what the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters is like too.  They are living out their dream & are truly such an inspiration to me!

To top off the Junk Gypsy experience, I was an Instagram winner & won a Junk Gypsy prize!!!  That was really the icing on the cake!!!

My little junkin' heart was so overjoyed!  I'm so thankful that we were able to stop by the store, meet Amie & Jolie (Matt loved them too!) & experience the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters in its opening week!  It was all such a neat experience!  I'm already planning a trip to go back in the Spring for the next Texas Antique Week & Junk-O-Rama Prom with my girlfriends!!

Did you get to visit the JG World Headquarters last week?

Do you enjoy antique shopping & junkin' too?



  1. I cant believe I had never heard of Junk Gypsy before! What a cute place! And that pink truck! Nice!!!

  2. The town is quiet and peaceful...except for their store! I can't even imagine how many people have flocked to their tiny little area just to go to their store. How cool!

  3. Weren't you there when the big show is going on with all the gagillion vendors?? I live in Austin and have been dying to go but just haven't gotten in the car and done it! Glad you loved where you went though. I've heard it's just so great.

    found you through a comment on Kelle's blog. :)

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