Friday, October 11, 2013

DiY Fall Leaves Garland + Fall Bucket List

I've been seeing a lot of super cute Fall garlands floating around the interwebs recently.  I really like them but, being the tight wad that I can be at times & the DiY-er that I am all the time, I decided to make my own Fall garland.
Don't worry, it's quick, easy & inexpensive (think less than $5... make you holla!?) & I'm sharing it with you today!  Hello perfect craft project!

Here's what you'll need:
- 1 pack of Fall leaves - Hobby Lobby (40% off!)
- Hot glue gun + sticks
- Twine
- Scissors

Start by measuring the length of your twine and be sure to leave a little extra length for when you tie it or hang it - you can cut off the excess.

Then lay out the leaves along the twine in the pattern you want them in.  I did 1 small leaf on top of 1 big leaf, then placed 1 small green leaf between each of the big/small combo leaves.  Once you have them in the right pattern, begin hot gluing the leaves to the twine until they are all glued.  And now you have your very own Fall leaves garland!
Ta daa!!!

For about 10 minutes of my time & $4.80 I'd say this Fall garland came out perfect!!  I'm loving the new addition to the TV console & feeling a little more Fall-ish in the Yancey house!

I realize we're already into Fall and all but, there's still so much that I want to do!!

Fall 2013 Bucket List

+ Visit a pumpkin patch
+ Make pumpkin pancakes
+ Carve/Decorate pumpkins
+ Open up the house for a whole day
+ Try a new pumpkin recipe
+ Bake an apple pie (Southern Living has a yummy looking one!)
+ Add Fall flowers to front porch (I'm behind)

Have you ever made a Fall garland??

What's on your Fall bucket list??



  1. Oh girl, you did such a great job! The garland is so cute! I bought mine for $15, which I am now regretting. I could have made it! But, then again I have no idea if I would have ever even found the time to do it. You've inspired me though, maybe I'll make another one for another part of the house. Thanks for the tutorial :)


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