Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday friends!  I'm so thankful that Friday is finally here!  We have a fun weekend ahead... one that might include friends, wedding vows, friends, skeet shooting, good food & pumpkin patches.  Oooh I just can't wait!

Linking up today with Christina, Natasha, Darci & April for Five on Friday!

One - I finally placed our pumpkins on our front porch this week & I'm loving them!

Two - The weather is cooling off even more this week here & that means I've been able to bust out my tall boots!!
& green grass!  Thank you Jesus for all the rain this week!

Three - Target Dollar Isle... I tend to do pretty good about staying away but, ever since Fall has come around, I... I just can't!  It started when I was getting ready for my Dad's birthday.  Earlier this week I stopped in & grabbed a couple adorable Fall pillows!  Y'all see a pattern here??

Four - Speaking of pillows, I found this fun one at Hob Lob the other day for 50% off!  I couldn't pass up a great deal!!  I might also have an obsession with pillows!  I'm trying to find new ones for the living room... one by one I'll eventually fill the couches!  :)

Five - I know the Tim McGraw song Southern Girls has been out for a bit, but I just can't get enough of it.  Every time it comes on the radio I just have to crank it up & sing my little heart out!  You should try it too!

Happy Friday y'all!  I hope you have a great weekend!!!



  1. YAY pumpkins on the front stoop!

    Love those fall pillows!

    I may not be a true southern girl, but I love that song. It's so catchy!

  2. I have a pillow obsession too! The more the better, much to Travis' dismay lol. Since I've gotten my tall boots I've been wearing them like crazy. Yours are super cute!

  3. It's now completely necessary that I go to Hob Lob and hopefully find that same pillow on sale!!! Love it!

  4. hey doll! stopping by from the linkup...and now following along! YAY!

    girl, i have a pillow obsession too. the hubs doesn't get it, but that's fine by me. ;) LOVE that adorable hey y'all pillow!!! and the cedar shake on the side of the porch at your house!? SWOON. so lovely!!!!

    happy friday!

  5. Eek - your front porch is so cute!!!

  6. Yes, those pillows are the CUTEST! I love the idea of switching up pillows seasonally. Have a great weekend girlie and thanks for linking up with us :)

  7. Super cute Y'all pillow! Wish I could pull off something like that in Montana...just doesn't have the same effect as in TX :) Have a fun-filled weekend! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  8. Stopping by from the linkup. :) I LOVE Tim McGraw's Southern Girl and crank it every time it comes on the radio. Such a good song!

  9. Love love the new pillows! I may have to snatch up the "hey y'all" pillow myself! And I am in love with the tim McGraw song!

  10. Oh those boots are the BEST! I'm so thankful we still have green grass here too. Thankful for so much rain this year!

  11. Loving the pillows!! And what's not to love about pumpkins on a porch?! Too cute!! Xo!!

    1. Thanks Lauren!! Hopping over to read your new blog now!! :)


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