Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday!

Y'all, it's Friday!  (Obviously!)  But for real, it seemed like at least the beginning of this week just druuuug on forever!  However, we made it to Friday & for that I am happy, happy, happy!

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One - I have a confession to make... I was at Target earlier this week & was quickly going through the clearance isles.  You know, the ones that are in odd spots at the back of the store on the end caps?  Yeah, those clearance spots.  Well, I found some awesome pillows for our big couch!!  Yes, more pillows!  They're totally different than anything in my house (or that I've ever owned for decor) but, I love them!  & the fact that they were just $10 each!?  That much sweeter of a deal!

Two - Apparently I'm on a deal finding streak this week... Yesterday I walked into Marshall's in search of some decor items for our house.  On my list was a large chalk board or large frame I could DIY into a chalk board.  Literally the first thing I saw was a large chalk board!  I'm wanting to stay within a descent budget for the rest of the items I pick up & was pleasantly surprised when it was marked down to $20!  Come home to mama!!!
I'll be putting an additional coat of good chalk paint on & hanging it in it's new home soon!

Three - You can go ahead & call me Betty Crocker!  Last night while dinner was cooking, I started making breakfast for today.  I've been dying to make these Yeast Free pancakes & I finally did!  Matt & I tried one just to make sure they really were good & Oh. Ma. Goodness!!  So, so good!  Thanks to Steph for this yummy recipe!!

Four - This weekend we're off for another round of birthday skeet shooting.  Is there a pattern here??  Pillows, guns & beer??  Two weeks in a row!?  To make sure we celebrate right, we picked up one of our favorite Fall beers (Shiner) & one we've never tried (Sam Adams).  What's your favorite Fall beer??

Five - This bargainista is getting back at it today!!  I'm going to see if the shopping gods are with me one more time on my lunch break... I'm headed to the antique store to (hopefully) find some picture frames & flatware for house decor!  Wish me luck??

Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!!



  1. Those pillows and the chalk board are awesome, what a steal!

    happy friday girlie!

  2. That chalkboard is super cute! I love all craft beers, especially anything Shiner.

  3. I love finding a good deal! I always tell Patrick-it's not how much you spend, it's how much you SAVE :)

  4. oh my goodness I want a large chalkboard so bad! I'll be on the lookout this weekend! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. yeah for antique store shopping!! I think we need to make a trip down south & hit up some GOOD antique-ing!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!

  6. That chalkboard is awesome. What a great deal! I've seen a few but they have all been so out of my budget!

  7. girlie, you got some amazing finds this week. well done, lady love!! aaaand with that picture i'm going to get myself a (pumpkin) beer out of the fridge!

  8. LOVE that chalkboard. I swear my best homegoods finds come from Marshall's and TJ Maxx!!!

  9. Who can say no to a clearance item at Target?? Not me. :) I love throw pillows. The husband does NOT get it at all, but we have them all over the house! :) Jealous of your sweet deal!


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