Thursday, October 31, 2013

House Tour - After Renovation!

As many of you know, Matt and I bought our first home just a few short weeks before our wedding!  Pretty much as soon as the wedding was over, we got down to business & started our first house project, the front flower beds. {After, after here}

Before we go any further, check out what all we've done so far
Removed a load bearing wall... & it's still standing strong!

& Here's a run down of what we've done from start to... almost finished!

- Removed wall paper from entry way & living room ceiling (can't make this up!)
- Took out a load bearing wall
- Pulled down paneling in living room & breakfast nook (& replaced patchwork sheet rock!)
- Removed popcorn ceilings from breakfast nook & kitchen
- Retextured & painted the formal dining, living room, kitchen & breakfast nook... & ceilings
- Installed recessed lighting in kitchen & breakfast nook / new ceiling fan in living room
- Laid laminate hardwoods (love them!) in the formal dining, living room & breakfast nook
- Refinished the built-in shelves
- New trim & base boards all around
- Decorations are finally hung!

Formal Dining


Formal dining table coming soon!  Of course, we're diy-ing it!

Do you see where the wall used to be??

Living Room



Kitchen & Breakfast Nook



I can't tell you how many hours we put into this renovation but, I can tell you there was a little blood, a lot of sweat and definitely some tears {from me, of course!}  What we thought would take us 1-2 weeks ended up taking us 6 weeks.  Of course our time line was a little unrealistic at first but, between running into snags & learning as we went pretty much, it was to be expected.  You're probably wondering, "Did they do that all themselves?"  The answer is, yes we did it all!  We did have some help from both of our dad's & one friend but, the rest was all Matt & I!  I'm so thankful for a husband who is so handy & can do all of this with little help!  It was most definitely a test for our marriage, especially so early on but, I know it only made us stronger!

All that is left to do for this space is the kitchen counter tops, back splash & floor to install but, after that we are completely done with the front part of our house!  It's such an exciting feeling of accomplishment!

Have you ever done a house renovation?

What was your favorite part?



  1. wow! looks SO great! LOVE the new floors!! and the gallery walls! well done, lady!

  2. Oh my goodness, it looks so great and lovely! Y'all are so talented! I'm glad things are moving along :)!

  3. Oh I am so impressed and also a little bit nosy interested in how much DIYing saved you cost wise. That would make a great post :) I love the wood beams the most! And how in the world do you remove popcorn ceilings? And how did you remove the wood paneling? You guys did so much!

  4. Wow! Looks awesome!!!!! I had to keep looking at the before and after because they looked so different! Kudos to you guys! Awesome job!

  5. SUPER SUPER LOVE IT!!! It's so much brighter, and I love the new floors! It was definitely a lot of work for you guys, but now you can REALLY appreciate it!! It looks fantastic!

  6. Wow!! Very impressive, love it!

  7. Just gorgeous!!! Looks like it's straight out of Pinterest:)

  8. Love, love...especially the warm, creamy walls! Y'all did a great job! We're still trying to get our floors in...too many projects at Casa Syno! ;D

  9. It looks great! I love those exams in the living room. Are you leaving them as-is or do you have any plans to paint or stain them? Either way, they are great!

  10. It looks gorgeous! What a great job you have done making it a home!

  11. yall are doing AWESOME! How fun & what a great couple experience!!


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