Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Rundown!

Weekends filled with friends, family & good 'ol quality time are some of my favorite!  This weekend was just that!

Friday night we went to visit some good friends who just added a beautiful new addition to their family, little (10 days old) Miss Hadley!  If I didn't have baby fever before, I definitely do now!  She is absolutely precious & I pretty much didn't put her down all night!  How could I??
We also introduced them to the amazing Pumpkin Dip!  It was a hit!

We were finally able to make it to our nephew's baseball & soccer games Saturday morning.  Talk about cuteness!!  I might be biased but, I think they are both little studs on the field!

My best friend & her hubby went to Playa a couple of weeks ago to get married... just the two of them.  So, us girls decided to throw them a surprise "YAY You're Married!!" dinner!  With cake & all!
 Cake - Melissa Tinney

Girls & the bride... The humidity was quite high this night, hence we're all sporting afros!

Saturday night I sported my new lace pants that I picked up earlier in the day!  I've been drooling over these for a while now & I finally caved & bought a pair.  Best cave ever!!  They are beyond comfortable & I already have so many ideas for how I can style them!
Lace Pants & Turquoise bracelets - Working the Flea, Top - Marshall's, Belt - yard sale, Watch - Betsy Johnson

With weekends like these it's hard to see them go but, looking forward on the calendar then fun isn't stopping anytime soon!

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What did you do this weekend??



  1. I love those cute lace pants! looks like your weekend was filled with lots of fun and kiddos!! :))

  2. You and I are on the same page with baby fever. If I didn't before, I definitely do now after two of my girlfriends had their babies!!!!

  3. First, I need to go make Pumpkin Dip now...and then probably eat the whole thing myself. Second, that is so sweet of you to throw your friends a party - especially with a cake! I am sure it was very much appreciated :)


  4. Such a fun weekend! I've caught the baby fever too! Well, I caught it years ago and it's getting worse! haha! Cute blog! (: Found you from the shenanigans hop!

  5. I'd say I definitely caught the baby! I LOVE the lace pants! I just don't know if I could pull that off here in our little town..


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