Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Goals!

I hope none of y'all thought I would be starting a new trend when I posted my October Goals early did you??  Good!  I'm glad y'all know me well enough by now.  The same goes in real life for me... I'm always fashionably late!  However, in my defense & thanks to Matt, I have gotten better in recent years... very recent years ;) & have been known to show up on time or even, dare I say, early!?

Anyways, that's not the case this month but, that's ok!  I'm ready to look back at my October goals & see what all I've accomplished this last month!


+ Get back on meal plans & to the gym We did really good at the beginning of the month, hoping to pick that back up this week!
+ Set up budget / Pay off one debt We put our budget together at the beginning of the month & we paid off the motorcycle at the end of the month!!! :)
+ Build dining room table
+ Begin sharing the new project
+ Decide on new blog design & launch it... with the new name!!! I am loving it so far!!  What do y'all think??
+ Share house updates Check it out here if you missed it!
+ Share wedding pictures Done & almost complete! See here, here, here & here.  The last installment will be coming next week!!
+ E-mail wedding photographer & order picture book
+ Refinish bedside tables for master bedroom
+ Organize the office Well, we started doing this!  Will be finished this week though!
+ Print out wedding pictures for the house
+ Visit a pumpkin patch - Sadly this didn't happen & probably won't. womp... womp...
+ Design, order & print Christmas party invites I took the easy route & sent e-vites!  Done & done!
+ Organize Christmas card address list Thanks to Callie for reminding me of this!  I'm happy to report that I am organized & ready to address Christmas cards!

November.... Wow what can I say the wonderful month that I had my baby boy my last son... I love him dearly.. I am glad he hasn't left me yet...

November Goals

+ Take Christmas card pictures
+ Build dining room table
+ Refinish bedside tables for master bedroom
+ Finish sharing wedding pictures on the blog
+ Print out wedding pictures for the house
+ E-mail wedding photographer
+ Finish organizing the office
+ Make a budget & pay off half of one debt, setting ourselves up to pay the rest off in December!
+ Decorate the breakfast nook/kitchen area
+ Find dining table chairs
+ Get ahead of the game & buy Christmas gift early...
I want to enjoy the Christmas season this year!
+ Have a blast ringing in year 27 for moi!  (It's 10 days from my birthday!!)
+ Help my BFF find her perfect wedding dress!
+ Take a weekend completely for Matthew & I to get done whatever we need to get done! House work, errands, date night... whatever we can fit into one whole weekend!

So, what are your goals for November??

How did you do in October??



  1. I swear, you are the best at setting goals and accomplishing them...I'm the worst! I always seem to have stuff to do, maybe I should just start writing them down and crossing them off and say that I accomplished a bunch :) he he

  2. You go girl! I don't even want to look back at my goal list because I'll be so ashamed of myself! haha

  3. I going to ATTEMPT to be finished Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving. Let's see how well we end up doing :)

  4. You are SO good at setting goals and sticking to them!!! Way to go!

  5. Okay okay...we can do this! I need to set up goals and get them done!

  6. Such fun November Goals! Love these type of posts!



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