Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Yancey's Thanksgiving Tour de Tejas!

I heard the other day that the average person consumes 3,000+ calories on Thanksgiving day... Well, I did my share & tried my hardest to get in my 3000+ calories, twice!

Wednesday evening after work Matt & I traveled to Graham to be with his family for Thanksgiving day.  There's always projects going on around Yancey Camp (my in-laws house) so, whenever all the sons are home (Matt is the youngest of 4 boys) Dad is sure to take advantage of all the extra hands & put them to work!  So, while Thanksgiving day meant cooking up food & lots of chit-chat for the ladies, the guys were hard at work.  Thankful for all of our handy men in the family, that's for sure!  After Thanksgiving lunch we also celebrated Christmas together since we won't all be seeing each other at Christmas.  Our 3 nephews had so much fun opening presents a month early! HA!  Then of course they all had to be tested out to see just how much fun we could have!  It was such a great day but, way too short of time together!
No the kids were not allowed to ride the 4-wheeler alone.  :)

On Friday, Matt & I loaded up the car again to head south to Corpus Christi to celebrate Thanksgiving with my mom's family on Saturday!  We arrived late Friday night so of course Saturday flew by crazy quick!  Our family has a long tradition of all the adults & kids drawing names & when we get together at Thanksgiving, we celebrate Christmas then as well.  This year we had a couple milestone birthdays to celebrate too so there was extra cake & ice cream cake (made my yours truly) to celebrate the extra occassion!  It was a full day of cooking, family time, Christmas, Birthdays & just being oh so thankful for all of the many, many blessings we each have in our lives!

Overall it was a great weekend with both of our families but, after our yearly "tour de Tejas" it was really nice to pull in the driveway, relax & sleep in our own bed again!

Do you travel for Thanksgiving or stay close to home?


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  1. 3,000 calories?!?! That's insane! But I believe it...looks like a great time with the fam!


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