Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Goals!

I seriously cannot believe that we are already in December of this year!  I feel like it was just yesterday that January poked it's little head around the corner & I was all giddy because it was the start of the year I would become a Mrs!  Now!?  It's the end of the year I became a Mrs!!  So, bitter-sweet this year has been - I'm not sure I want to see the end but, I have no doubt what is coming in the next 12 months will be just as wonderful!

November Goals
Take Christmas Card Pictures Did these.  They turned out great!  I'll share soon!
+ Build dining room table - Matt is tackling this & it's almost done!!
+ Refinish bedside tables for master bedroom
+ Print out wedding pictures for the house Our gallery wall looks awesome if I do say so myself!
+ E-mail our wedding photographer
+ Finish organizing the office
+ Make a budget & pay off 1/2 of one debt The rest will come in the new year! HA!
+ Decorate the breakfast nook/kitchen area
+ Find dining room table chairs This is sooo hard!
+ Get ahead of the game & buy Christmas gifts early
+ Help my BFF pick out her perfect wedding dress!
+ Take a complete weekend just for Matthew & I  It was glorious!!!

Happy December!
December Goals

+ Decorate Kitchen/Breakfast Nook area
+ Find dining room table chairs
+ Finish dining room table
+ Refinish bedside tables
+ Send out Christmas cards by the 18th!
+ Share Christmas pictures on the blog
+ Pick angels from an angel tree - We are blessed beyond measure, it's so important to give back
+ E-mail our wedding photographer How many months has then been here!? HA!
+  Be done with Christmas shopping by the 22nd
+ Go see Christmas lights with Matt
+ Go to Downtown Ft Worth to see the Christmas decor!
+ Make monthly budget
+ Host our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party Weather permitting, this weekend!
+ Help plan the sweetest 1 year old's birthday party
+ Get a massage
+ Have a blast in Vegas as our last Hoo Rah of 2013! :)
+ Do a group date to FW's first ice skating rink!

What are your goals for December?



  1. I have one goal...have a kid!! hahaha

  2. You should link up Thursday with your Christmas pictures. That way you can check it off your goals list :)!


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