Monday, December 2, 2013

Help A Blogger Out.... Pa-Pa-Please!?

Happy Monday friends!!  Sitting here reading this feeling about 10 lbs heavier??  I know I certainly feel that way!  I'll be back tomorrow with the obligatory post-Thanksgiving day/weekend post but, today I'm here asking for your help!

I have {unintentionally} committed a blogging sin... I'm a no-reply commenter!!!

There, I said it.

I truly have no clue how this happened.  I've never been a no-reply commenter until recently & I've tried everything in my book of tricks to fix it back.  I even tried following my own tutorial to fix it - Nothing.  Nada.  Zero. Zilch.  Here's the thing though... Some how, some way I connected my Blogger profile to my Google+ profile sooo... the way I used to be able to turn the commenting feature on/off no longer exist.  I've looked high & low through Google+ & Blogger & cannot find anything on how to change it back... or what I have found just ends up taking me in circles around the web!

Anyone have any suggestions or know how to fix this issue??

Please help!!!  Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Committing one blogger sin after another....



  1. Much thanks to Elise, this problem is fixed!!! YAAY! :) Let me know if you've had this issue & I will be glad to help!

  2. I wondered why that happened! I noticed a couple weeks ago, and thought maybe you just didn't want us commenting back to you when you left comments on our posts? Either way, glad it is fixed!

  3. Hey love, I hope that you were able to get it fixed. If you weren't able to, I will try to google it and see if I can figure it out. :)


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