Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back at 2013!

NYE 2012

For the last couple of years I've done a "year in review" so, I figured this year would be no different.  I really like looking back over the last year, seeing what all we've done & accomplished, trying to forget the low times but thankful they brought us through to the high times.  It's sort of crazy what all you can accomplish in a year that doesn't seem so big at the time but, in the grand scheme of things is actually monumental.

2013 was a year with A LOT of highs and a few lows.  Let's look back...


The year started out pretty low when Matt lost his job... that was a fantastic way to start off the new year!
I had to turn that frown around & start looking for the positives...

So, we celebrated Matt's 31st birthday with friends & family

& Enjoyed the beginning festivities of the Ft Worth Stock Show Parade!



Celebrated the wedding of some very dear friends of ours!

Had my 2nd Bridal Shower with a lot of family!


Matt found a new job (thank you Jesus!) & I baked my first Ham

We had our 3rd & final wedding shower at Matt's home church in Graham!

We signed the dotted lines & bought our first home just 20 days before our wedding!

We packed, moved {emotional last day at our rental home!}& I celebrated my bachelorette party in Gruene, TX


WE GOT MARRIED!!!  See everything wedding here!

Spent our Honeymoon in Memphis over Memorial Day Weekend! {Part 12 & 3}

& on our way home we crashed another bloggers Memorial Day BBQ!  Can't wait to try & get back to MS (& Callie!) in 2014!


We began house projects & took our yearly family vacation with my Aunt, Uncle & cousins!
See all things new home & DiY/House Renovations here!


Our friends Natasja & Martin came to visit us from Denmark!  We had so much fun showing them all around Ft. Worth, celebrating the 4th of July & a fun day/night at the Ranger's game!

Showered my best friend with lots 'o love for her bridal shower & bachelorette party!


Our weekends & weeknights were filled with a lot of house work... again, all things house work see here!

Helped my best friend throw her husband's 30th Fiesta!


Finally got to start decorating the house & soaked up good quality weekends.  Those are always the best no matter what time of year!

Celebrated my Dad's birthday & shared my DIY Ice Cream Cake!


Officially changed the name of my blog & got a custom domain! #movinonup

Celebrated my cousins wedding &  made our way to Gypsyville!


We traveled to Galveston with friends for the Lone Star Bike Rally

My aunt came to town to visit & we went to see THE Long Island Medium aka Theresa Caputo in Dallas!!

I rang in year 27 at a wonderful little restaurant in Downtown Ft. Worth with friends & family!

I finally re-did/finished our gallery wall!

& Shared a ridiculously delicious Smore's recipe... You probably shouldn't click that though, they're really terrible... Terribly good!

Finally we celebrated Thanksgiving all around Texas.


I barely survived Icemageddon 2013...

We went to Las Vegas for the 2013 NFR Finals {Recap coming soon!}

Shared our Christmas pictures & card, my DIY Monogrammed Christmas Wreath, & our not-so-what-I-imagined Christmas.

2013... You were by far the best year of my life!  I'm so thankful for everything that came our way this last year... even the hard ships!  I'm blessed to have my new husband by my side, a warm house to call our home & family & friends to make even more memories with in 2014!  2014 has a lot to live up to, but, I'm excited to see what the future holds for us!  Bring. It. On!

Happy New Year y'all!!  Wishing you a safe, happy & fun New Year's Eve!!!


Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013!

Christmas came & went faster this year than I could say "Merry Christmas"!  I had big plans for this to be a grand Christmas for Matt & I since it was our first married Christmas together.  It was grand but, in different ways.  Between the ice storm & our mid-month trip to Vegas, our schedule was quite off this year.

Thankfully, not having a Christmas tree up or decorated doesn't make the Christmas season.  I realize it's a big part but, turns out we survived without it this year.  I've never in my life not had a decorated Christmas tree but, this year we did.  I wouldn't say it's something I would do every year but, considering I somehow overlooked the lack of weeks between Thanksgiving & Christmas & didn't schedule things properly, I'm fine with not having a Christmas tree for this year... Our first married Christmas together.  Ha!

We had some friends over for dinner the Friday before Christmas.  It was supposed to be a make-up for our missed annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party during the dreaded ice storm but, so many people had other plans with families already.  It worked out having it low-key though since Matt was beginning to not feel so great.  I started & finished my Christmas shopping over the weekend, squeezed in a couple of family photo sessions on Sunday while it was descent weather {possible new adventure on the horizon!} & we snuggled in with the pup Monday night to watch some Christmas movies (Shrek the Halls, duh!) 

Christmas eve was spent having dinner at my dad's girlfriend & her family (they were all so nice!), going to Christmas Eve Mass & venturing around town to check out the Christmas lights.  {That is something we do every year & somehow didn't squeeze it in until the last minute!}  Once we arrived home late that night Matt & I did our gift exchange, we both hit the jack pot this year!  Christmas morning we were up bright & early to go to my Dad's.  We had our traditional "big breakfast" & then opened gifts.  Matt has been wanting to learn how to rope for a while now & my Dad got him his own rope & dummy that he can practice with in the back yard!  His eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store when He saw it all!

Overall, it was a great Christmas!  Not exactly what I had envisioned as our first Christmas as husband & wife but, definitely one we'll be able to tell our children about & laugh!  Next year though... next year!!  ;)


Monday, December 23, 2013

From Our Home to Yours...

Hey y'all!  WOW!  I know it's been a minute...

But, I wanted to pop in to say that I'll be taking a few more days off here from the blog.  Mainly to enjoy some quality time with my husband & family.  Maybe I'll get done with my shopping too!

We've been so unbelievably busy here lately, as everyone has, we haven't even decorated our tree!!  I'm thinking of starting a new tradition... decorate the tree on Christmas Eve!?  Ok, maybe just for this year!!

Front of our Christmas card

Anyhow... I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!  May it be filled a lot of love, joy & happiness.  I pray you spend it with those who mean the most to you.  And for those unable to get to family or loved ones this season, you're in my heart!

Back of our Christmas card

Merry, Merry Christmas y'all!

P.S.  Anyone who might be looking for a quick, last minute gift check out my DIY Monogrammed Wreath!


Monday, December 16, 2013

DiY Monogrammed Christmas Wreath

Since being cooped up the other weekend thanks to the ice storm, it left a lot of time to get things done that needed to be done.  It also left a lot of time for things that I wanted to do.  Like... make a new Christmas wreath!  Last year I made one that was adorned with red bows & gold Christmas balls.  It was cute & I loved it but, this year I knew I wanted to change it up & since we're "officially" the Yancey's now, I wanted to incorporate our monogram as well!

Here's what you'll need...

+ 1 Wreath
+ Wood letter
+ Flower like decor + small additions
+ Hot glue gun + plenty of glue sticks
+ Floral wire & pliers
+ Glass (or bottle) of wine - optional but, it just makes it more fun!

I already had all of the supplies on hand but, everything was purchased from Hobby Lobby at 50% off!!  Minus the wreath, I re-used it from years past.

One - Fluff your wreath & lay out the way you want your decorations to be situated.  Once you have an idea of how you want the decorations, cut off the wire stems using the pliers - or employee your man friend for this step.  Be sure to cut off enough so it's not seen or sticking out the bottom of the wreath.

Two - Starting with the bottom layers, mine were the red feathers, use the floral wire to secure the feathers to the wreath.  Then, generously hot glue the bottom of the stems for extra security.  Repeat the hot gluing step with each layer of decor & let it dry.

Three - To apply your wooden letter, apply a generous amount of hot glue to the back of the letter.  Quickly lay it on the wreath & let it sit for a few seconds.  Then sort of lift each side of the letter up & apply more hot glue.  You don't want this thing coming off after a few door slams!  Once the glue is dry, try to use the floral wire to secure it a little better in 1 or 2 spots.  I secured mine on the bottom left of the Y & used a little limb to disguise it.

To ensure everything is dry & going to stay in place, let the wreath sit a little longer & then you are ready to hang your new, adorable, monogrammed wreath!  Good luck!!

What Christmas DIY projects have you done this season?


Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Christmas Pictures!

Christmas cards are something that I love to do every year!  It's an old tradition that I feel is slowly fading away but, not in our house!  When I was younger I would grab the cheap ones from the dollar store but, now, it's much more fun to get the ones that are super cute, you can personalize & add your pictures to it as well!  I can only imagine this obsession will grow once little Yancey babies come along!

Matt & I along with my best friend & her husband set up a little photo shoot, per say and proceeded to create our 2013 Christmas Pictures!

I'll share the full Christmas card once ours go out but, I loved the way all of these turned out!  It was a fun afternoon & both of our husbands were such troopers!  Bless them!

Linking up with Allison & the gang today!

Merry Christmas y'all!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Icemageddon 2013

This weekend turned out completely different than what we had planned.

After making it home Thursday night from my work Christmas ornament exchange {so fun!} I came home to snuggle in for what I didn't know, would be the entire weekend!  Thursday night the metroplex got a TON of freezing rain & sleet, and temperatures that stayed well below freezing the entire weekend.  Needless to say, Sunday morning was the first time I left our house, let alone step into the yard!

With Matt's job he is classified as essential personnel & unfortunately, had to be out working in all the mess and was gone all afternoon/night!  Luckily for me, Sunday morning before work he took me out to breakfast at Whataburger and we made at stop at the grocery store.  After being cooped up for more than 48 hours, practically alone the whole time, I was super excited to get out!!

Here's a peek into my couch lounging, hot chocolate sippin', chicken & dumplins eatin, being productive around the house, happy to get out on Sunday mornin' kind of weekend...

I know there were so, so many people that lost power over the weekend & I am so thankful that although I was lonely, I had running water & a warm home to seek shelter in.  The world of technology that we live in now is pretty incredible too - my girlfriends made for great company via our group chats throughout the entire weekend - and all the time!

Linking up with Sami & Meg today!!

I hope you had a little warmer, less icier weekend than I!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Goals!

I seriously cannot believe that we are already in December of this year!  I feel like it was just yesterday that January poked it's little head around the corner & I was all giddy because it was the start of the year I would become a Mrs!  Now!?  It's the end of the year I became a Mrs!!  So, bitter-sweet this year has been - I'm not sure I want to see the end but, I have no doubt what is coming in the next 12 months will be just as wonderful!

November Goals
Take Christmas Card Pictures Did these.  They turned out great!  I'll share soon!
+ Build dining room table - Matt is tackling this & it's almost done!!
+ Refinish bedside tables for master bedroom
+ Print out wedding pictures for the house Our gallery wall looks awesome if I do say so myself!
+ E-mail our wedding photographer
+ Finish organizing the office
+ Make a budget & pay off 1/2 of one debt The rest will come in the new year! HA!
+ Decorate the breakfast nook/kitchen area
+ Find dining room table chairs This is sooo hard!
+ Get ahead of the game & buy Christmas gifts early
+ Help my BFF pick out her perfect wedding dress!
+ Take a complete weekend just for Matthew & I  It was glorious!!!

Happy December!
December Goals

+ Decorate Kitchen/Breakfast Nook area
+ Find dining room table chairs
+ Finish dining room table
+ Refinish bedside tables
+ Send out Christmas cards by the 18th!
+ Share Christmas pictures on the blog
+ Pick angels from an angel tree - We are blessed beyond measure, it's so important to give back
+ E-mail our wedding photographer How many months has then been here!? HA!
+  Be done with Christmas shopping by the 22nd
+ Go see Christmas lights with Matt
+ Go to Downtown Ft Worth to see the Christmas decor!
+ Make monthly budget
+ Host our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party Weather permitting, this weekend!
+ Help plan the sweetest 1 year old's birthday party
+ Get a massage
+ Have a blast in Vegas as our last Hoo Rah of 2013! :)
+ Do a group date to FW's first ice skating rink!

What are your goals for December?


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Yancey's Thanksgiving Tour de Tejas!

I heard the other day that the average person consumes 3,000+ calories on Thanksgiving day... Well, I did my share & tried my hardest to get in my 3000+ calories, twice!

Wednesday evening after work Matt & I traveled to Graham to be with his family for Thanksgiving day.  There's always projects going on around Yancey Camp (my in-laws house) so, whenever all the sons are home (Matt is the youngest of 4 boys) Dad is sure to take advantage of all the extra hands & put them to work!  So, while Thanksgiving day meant cooking up food & lots of chit-chat for the ladies, the guys were hard at work.  Thankful for all of our handy men in the family, that's for sure!  After Thanksgiving lunch we also celebrated Christmas together since we won't all be seeing each other at Christmas.  Our 3 nephews had so much fun opening presents a month early! HA!  Then of course they all had to be tested out to see just how much fun we could have!  It was such a great day but, way too short of time together!
No the kids were not allowed to ride the 4-wheeler alone.  :)

On Friday, Matt & I loaded up the car again to head south to Corpus Christi to celebrate Thanksgiving with my mom's family on Saturday!  We arrived late Friday night so of course Saturday flew by crazy quick!  Our family has a long tradition of all the adults & kids drawing names & when we get together at Thanksgiving, we celebrate Christmas then as well.  This year we had a couple milestone birthdays to celebrate too so there was extra cake & ice cream cake (made my yours truly) to celebrate the extra occassion!  It was a full day of cooking, family time, Christmas, Birthdays & just being oh so thankful for all of the many, many blessings we each have in our lives!

Overall it was a great weekend with both of our families but, after our yearly "tour de Tejas" it was really nice to pull in the driveway, relax & sleep in our own bed again!

Do you travel for Thanksgiving or stay close to home?



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