Friday, January 31, 2014

Try Something New!

Recently, I've been trying all sorts of new things.  Things that were so unintentional on my part but, I know God put them in my life to push me & challenge me.  I've been pushed out of my comfort zone, my plate has been more full professionally than it probably ever has been, stress has been creeping in for sure, life has been at an all time crazy level... but, most of all my heart has been filled with so much joy & happiness through it all!  It's not that I don't ever try new things or don't ever get out of my comfort zone but, here lately it's just been in overdrive.

Just to give you an idea of a couple things that have been going on....  I started the Wife After God devotional with several other ladies about a week & a half ago.  I've fallen a few days behind but, seriously, I cannot tell you just how much this devotional has moved me.  I see my husband in a whole new light & have been really seeing changes in myself.  I've never done a devotional before or even joined in a specific Bible study.  So, this is a pretty big deal... & super exciting for me personally!

What got to me a little more.... err spoke to my creative heart was a photography class that I took this week.  Last year Matt & I bought a very gently used DSLR camera.  I have read & read & read tutorials after tutorials.  Everything I've come across has been great & I've built a great knowledge base.  However, I'm a visual, hands-on learner and sometimes I just really need someone to explain it to me.  So, I found some classes at a local photography studio & took a private class!  There were so many light bulbs that went off while in my class.  My heart was racing because I was having so much fun & was so excited about all the new stuff I was learning!  So many aahhh haaa moments!!  Greatness I tell you!!  I couldn't wait to get home & practice everything I had just learned!  I don't know where all this will take me but, I'm really enjoying learning everything my camera can do & improving my own skills.  I'm about to have maaaad skillz y'all!  I can't wait for my next class... hopefully next month!!

So, basically what I'm trying to share with y'all is that I have been doing some totally new things lately... things that even 6 months ago I didn't know that I would be doing.  But, it's all super fun, rewarding & I just want to do more of what I've been doing.  God has definitely brought me to each of these new adventures in my life & I am so grateful.  I know that He will continue to lead me through & to things that are supposed to be in my life - things that I enjoy & things that make me a better person.  I want to encourage you to jump out there!  Do something new that you've been wanting to try for a while... or maybe you haven't known you want to try it??  Either way, try something new!!  Chances are you won't regret it... chances are you'll enjoy it!!

Happy Friday sweet friends!!  Have a great weekend!!


Monday, January 27, 2014

It Only Took Us 23 Days...

Yep!  Only took us 23 days into the new year before we started house renovation projects again!  As most of you know, we bought our house as a "fixer upper".  Renovations were always in the plans.  So, we took several months off at the end of the year when life got super busy & now we're back at it... before life gets super busy again in the Spring & Summer!  We've started with one of the back bedrooms in the house.  Before it was our catch-all room & when we're done it will be our new office/craft room.  Here's some snippets from our weekend....

Friday night cap... we closed Home Depot down!

Matt handled all of the sanding of the walls & texturing.  Turns out my muscles aren't as big as his so he has to do the real heavy work.  I pick out ceiling fans, paint colors, etc.  I'm a good hand, I promise.

Saturday night paint party!  We go from one extreme to the next around here!

After a Saturday morning wedding crafting session for one of the weddings I'm in this Summer, my best friend & I hit up Hobby Lobby.  Turns out they were having sales on everything we weren't really after that day.  So, floral it was!  This corner has been a little bare in our formal dining room & I thought a floral arrangement would be perfect!  I wanted to make sure it would go with each season & somehow wanted to incorporate the wooden milking stool that was my Mimi's.  (I have no clue if there is any story behind it but, that stool has been in my life for 27 years... no getting rid of it now!)  With the help of my best friend, we came up with this beautiful arrangement!  I'm in love with it!!

Did you do any house renovations or DIY projects this weekend??


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Rundown

This weekend was a ton of fun!  Friday night Matt & I had tickets to the Ranch Rodeo at the Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo.  Neither of us had been to a Ranch Rodeo in a long time so it was fun to see it all again.  If you have no clue what a Ranch Rodeo is, it's teams from real, working ranches who compete against each other in events that would be similar to the work they do on the ranch.  After the rodeo it was a night full of dancing our legs off (literally I was sore the next day) & having too much fun!  Saturday night we pretty much did the same thing minus the rodeo.  It was my good friend Hannah's birthday so it was out to dinner & more dancing!  I'm definitely not complaining about such a fun weekend but, I think it's safe to say this girl is partied out for a little bit... until Super Bowl of course.

Instagram: @shayna_yancey

Birthday girl!

Yesterday I saw this post from Brickyard Buffalo on their FaceBook page.  I couldn't help but, like it, share it & share it some more.  I might even print it out for my desk or home office I like it that much! HA!

Make it a great day y'all!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday friends!  Since it's Friday, & most likely payday (Hey-O!) I wanted to give you some good places to spend that extra fun money you put in your budget.  I know you put in "fun money" right??  If not, you need to re-do your budget stat!  But, don't blame me if the lights go off next month... I'm just sayin'!  I wanted to share with y'all some of my favorite shops that I've found locally in Ft. Worth or via the interwebs.  Hope you enjoy!

1. Sew Southern Stitchery  I met Courtney, the shop owner through blogging.  She's a sweet Kentucky lady who has a love for all things southern, especially monograms!  And who doesn't love a monogram!?  Guilty as charged right here!  Back in the Fall I ordered some adorable monogrammed kitchen towels from Sew Southern Stitchery that made the perfect house warming gift!  Go check out Sew Southern Stitchery & let Courtney know what you are looking for!

2. Brickyard Buffalo  I'm sure a lot of you may have already heard of or even shop at Brickyard Buffalo already but, if you haven't check 'em out!!  They're an online company that features other companies & their products.  Each item is only featured for a certain amount of time & is at a discounted price.  From lovely prints to yummy baby gear, they've got you covered!

3. Hazel & Olive  Hazel & Olive has quickly become one of my favorite online boutiques!  I've followed them via FaceBook for a quite a while & after receiving a gift card for Christmas, I made a purchase of a few adorable items.  One of my favorite items is this fun Lucy in the Sky Tunic that I wore last weekend for Matt's birthday!  It's soft, comfortable & don't judge me if I wear it again this weekend!

4. Hale House Vintage Living  Hale House has quickly become one of my favorite locally owned stores in Ft Worth since first going there just this past year.  I had always wanted to stop in to see what this adorable shop (you can tell from just from the outside how great it is) was like on the inside & finally did back in September.  Ever since then I just can't stay away!  I've found fun jewelry, great Christmas party accessories & the perfect gifts at Hale House.  If you're ever in town, turn down Montgomery St & go visit!

5. Working the Flea  Another local store of Ft. Worth, Working the Flea is a go-to favorite of mine.  I guess that's a given since it is on this list!!  Anyways... I've been shopping at Working the Flea for at least the last couple of years now.  They always carry great home decor items, great gifts for the quirky people in your life & some super fun clothes!  Remember these fun lace pants?  Yep!  Bought at Working the Flea!  I love them and always receive compliments when wearing them.  Be sure to make Working the Flea one of your stops when in Ft. Worth!

Happy Friday & happy shopping!  You're welcome.

Join the fun with Christina, Darci, April & Natasha


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Viva Las Vegas!

Last month Matt & I flew to Vegas for a few days for the 2013 NFR.  It was the first time in 5 years that I had been to Vegas & even longer than that for Matt.  Needless to say we were overdue for a trip to 'ol Sin City & I couldn't wait until we landed!  My best friend Kimberly & her husband would be there at the same time as us & then we realized my dad & his girlfriend would be there as well!

We shopped, we drank, we walked, we ate delicious food, we drank... & overall a great week!

The Venetian Christmas

Breakfast at the Peppermill Restaurant - go there.  You will not be disappointed!

 Team Ropin' watching at South Point

Christmas at South Point

My bestie!

We stayed at The Stratosphere hotel.  While it was a fine hotel, it was the northern most hotel on the strip which made it difficult getting to certain places & ultimately cost us more in the end.  Since we were hotel guest we were able to go up to the observation deck & check out all of Las Vegas - pretty cool!

I was a little hungry so we grabbed a quick bite to eat...

Fremont St.!

The freaks of Fremont St!

& That's all she wrote!  It was such a fun time & I'm glad that Matt & I were finally able to experience Las Vegas together!!  We're well rested at this point & ready to go back next year.  Now if we can only keep the NFR in Vegas for many more years to come!

Have you ever been to Vegas?

What was your favorite part?


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birthday Weekends!

This last weekend we celebrated Matt's 32nd birthday!  On his 30th birthday we celebrated with a big group of friends at Top Golf & ever since then he said that's where he wants to celebrate his birthday, for-ev-er.  Last year we didn't get to go due to a sudden need to hoard as much money as possible so, this year we were going.  And celebrate we were going to do.  I think we celebrated a little more than just Matt's birthday.  It was a good reminder that "Hey! Life kicked you real hard last year but, you got up, dusted off & now you're doing better than ever!"  I'm so thankful for those reminders & to be where we are at now.

Family dinner Friday night

Top Golf! 

Cosmic golfing anyone?

It was the perfect day for golfing & we had so much fun with great friends!

Cheers to year #32 my dear!  I hope it's your best year yet!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday y'all!


Join the fun with Christina, Natasha, April & Darci!

1. We are 10 days into our 30 day challenge at work & so far, I'm doing pretty good!  I've only had to put in $7 & 5 of it was from last weekend! HA!  But, I've done good since last Saturday so I'm giving myself a pat on the back!!

2. Staying on track this weekend might be a little hard because we're celebrating a special guys birthday!  Matt's birthday is Saturday & we're going to dinner with our parents tomorrow & Top Golf on Saturday!  Can't wait to celebrate my favorite guy!
We won't be in Vegas but, it will be close

3. I've never been much of a reader - not even big on gossip mags or anything.  But, I guess a new year can bring on many new things.  For Christmas Matt got me The Happiness Project - he said he was a little concerned with me requesting a self-help book but, I've heard so many good reviews on it, I wanted to see what it was all about.  Since the new year I've ordered 2 more books from Amazon... Who am I??  I'm excited to dive into all three books though!!

4. We'll soon start tackling remodeling the back half of the house - bedrooms & bathrooms.  The first room we're doing is currently our catch-all room/extra closet for moi.  Once we're done it will be turned into our home office/craft room.  Here's what I've pinned for some (pin)spiration...
office-craft room

Home office

Great blog and ideas of where to buy discounted home goods.

5.  I don't really have a "5" for today so, I'll leave you with one of my most favorite old school Pat Green songs!  Happy Friday y'all!!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Goals - Let's Do This!

December came & went so darn quick this year it seems like it didn't even happen.  Here we are in January of 2014 none the less!!  OMG can y'all even believe that it is 2014 already??  How exciting though!!

I touched on my goals for the entire year here but, wanted to look back on my December goals to see just how well I did or didn't do.

December Goals

+ Decorate Kitchen & Breakfast nook - Almost done
+ Find dining room table chairs - Not technically in Dec but, they're found!
+ Finish dining room table
+ Refinish bedside tables {I swear one day I'll do this!I}
+ Send out Christmas Cards by the 18th  Not on the 18th but, they were sent out
+ Share Christmas pictures on the blog  Done!
+ Pick an angel from the angel tree  Sadly, we were gone from church on these weekends but, I was able to donate with my girlfriends for one.  It wasn't much but, I'm glad I was able to participate in some way.
+ Go to see Christmas lights with Matt
+ Go to Downtown Ft. Worth to see more Christmas  Sadly we never made it but, again, where did December go??
+ Make monthly budget
+ Host Ugly Christmas Sweater party... Thanks a lot Icemageddon
+ Help plan Kyan's 1st birhtday  She's the sweetest & it was a success
+ Get a massage  Still needing this
+ Have a blast in Vegas  Done!  Recap coming soon!
+ Group date to FW's Ice Rink... Again, where's December??


Can I just say that I have had so much joy & love in my heart lately.  I generally always do but, maybe it's the beginning of a new year, a fresh start of sorts.  Maybe it's the fact that our life is resuming to normal programming since October.  Maybe it's that I'm really seeing & understanding things & life in general a little bit better.  I've always understood life but, I'm making a conscious effort to step back, evaluate all that is going on around me, be thankful & content with what I have yet work hard, really hard for the things I want in the future.  I don't know what it is but, I hope these joys & breaths of fresh air stay around for a long while.  I need them and it's just really, really nice to have right now.  Okay, enough sappiness... onto the goals already!!

January Goals

+ Continue writing my daily gratitude
+ Celebrate my lovers birthday
+ Stick to our budget for the month
+ Have a successful blood drive at the end of the month
+ Take a photography class
+ Help/encourage Matthew on his new adventure
+ Have the current catch-all/future office completed
+ Refinish bedside tables
+ Refinish dining room chairs
+ Get a massage
+ Finish decorating the breakfast nook/kitchen area
+ Workout 3+ times per week
+ Go to a spin class twice
+ E-mail wedding photographer

I really need to make an effort to print these goals out this month so that I can see them.  I'm usually pretty good with my goals but, I feel like I've been slacking a bit the last few months & that needs to change!!

What are your goals for January?



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