Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birthday Weekends!

This last weekend we celebrated Matt's 32nd birthday!  On his 30th birthday we celebrated with a big group of friends at Top Golf & ever since then he said that's where he wants to celebrate his birthday, for-ev-er.  Last year we didn't get to go due to a sudden need to hoard as much money as possible so, this year we were going.  And celebrate we were going to do.  I think we celebrated a little more than just Matt's birthday.  It was a good reminder that "Hey! Life kicked you real hard last year but, you got up, dusted off & now you're doing better than ever!"  I'm so thankful for those reminders & to be where we are at now.

Family dinner Friday night

Top Golf! 

Cosmic golfing anyone?

It was the perfect day for golfing & we had so much fun with great friends!

Cheers to year #32 my dear!  I hope it's your best year yet!



  1. Happy 32nd to him!!! And I love Top Golf :)

  2. Cosmic golfing?! HOW COOL! My hubby would LOVE that!!!! xx

  3. Cosmic golfing?! NO WAY. We will prob never be fortunate enough to have one in AL. :(

    1. It wasn't like that the whole time but, was pretty cool when it was! Remember when they would do that at the bowling alley?? If you ever take a trip to Texas, or anywhere they have it you should go play! So much fun!

  4. Happy Birthday Matt!!! This looks like so much fun I wished we had something like this. I see why he wants its there for ever.
    You look so pretty as always


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