Monday, January 27, 2014

It Only Took Us 23 Days...

Yep!  Only took us 23 days into the new year before we started house renovation projects again!  As most of you know, we bought our house as a "fixer upper".  Renovations were always in the plans.  So, we took several months off at the end of the year when life got super busy & now we're back at it... before life gets super busy again in the Spring & Summer!  We've started with one of the back bedrooms in the house.  Before it was our catch-all room & when we're done it will be our new office/craft room.  Here's some snippets from our weekend....

Friday night cap... we closed Home Depot down!

Matt handled all of the sanding of the walls & texturing.  Turns out my muscles aren't as big as his so he has to do the real heavy work.  I pick out ceiling fans, paint colors, etc.  I'm a good hand, I promise.

Saturday night paint party!  We go from one extreme to the next around here!

After a Saturday morning wedding crafting session for one of the weddings I'm in this Summer, my best friend & I hit up Hobby Lobby.  Turns out they were having sales on everything we weren't really after that day.  So, floral it was!  This corner has been a little bare in our formal dining room & I thought a floral arrangement would be perfect!  I wanted to make sure it would go with each season & somehow wanted to incorporate the wooden milking stool that was my Mimi's.  (I have no clue if there is any story behind it but, that stool has been in my life for 27 years... no getting rid of it now!)  With the help of my best friend, we came up with this beautiful arrangement!  I'm in love with it!!

Did you do any house renovations or DIY projects this weekend??



  1. I've always said I wanted a fixer-upper but the older I get the less fun it looks! More power to y'all for taking on all the projects!!! :)

  2. Oh man... so cute to make memories and renovate the house! We went to Home Depot sooo much when we first bought our house. Hopefully we don't have to go back for a while - it's exhausting!

  3. I just blogged about this!! We will be renovating soon! I am so excited and anxious!!

  4. Um… I cleaned out the glove box of my car. Does that count?! #dreambig
    ; )


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