Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Goals - Let's Do This!

December came & went so darn quick this year it seems like it didn't even happen.  Here we are in January of 2014 none the less!!  OMG can y'all even believe that it is 2014 already??  How exciting though!!

I touched on my goals for the entire year here but, wanted to look back on my December goals to see just how well I did or didn't do.

December Goals

+ Decorate Kitchen & Breakfast nook - Almost done
+ Find dining room table chairs - Not technically in Dec but, they're found!
+ Finish dining room table
+ Refinish bedside tables {I swear one day I'll do this!I}
+ Send out Christmas Cards by the 18th  Not on the 18th but, they were sent out
+ Share Christmas pictures on the blog  Done!
+ Pick an angel from the angel tree  Sadly, we were gone from church on these weekends but, I was able to donate with my girlfriends for one.  It wasn't much but, I'm glad I was able to participate in some way.
+ Go to see Christmas lights with Matt
+ Go to Downtown Ft. Worth to see more Christmas  Sadly we never made it but, again, where did December go??
+ Make monthly budget
+ Host Ugly Christmas Sweater party... Thanks a lot Icemageddon
+ Help plan Kyan's 1st birhtday  She's the sweetest & it was a success
+ Get a massage  Still needing this
+ Have a blast in Vegas  Done!  Recap coming soon!
+ Group date to FW's Ice Rink... Again, where's December??


Can I just say that I have had so much joy & love in my heart lately.  I generally always do but, maybe it's the beginning of a new year, a fresh start of sorts.  Maybe it's the fact that our life is resuming to normal programming since October.  Maybe it's that I'm really seeing & understanding things & life in general a little bit better.  I've always understood life but, I'm making a conscious effort to step back, evaluate all that is going on around me, be thankful & content with what I have yet work hard, really hard for the things I want in the future.  I don't know what it is but, I hope these joys & breaths of fresh air stay around for a long while.  I need them and it's just really, really nice to have right now.  Okay, enough sappiness... onto the goals already!!

January Goals

+ Continue writing my daily gratitude
+ Celebrate my lovers birthday
+ Stick to our budget for the month
+ Have a successful blood drive at the end of the month
+ Take a photography class
+ Help/encourage Matthew on his new adventure
+ Have the current catch-all/future office completed
+ Refinish bedside tables
+ Refinish dining room chairs
+ Get a massage
+ Finish decorating the breakfast nook/kitchen area
+ Workout 3+ times per week
+ Go to a spin class twice
+ E-mail wedding photographer

I really need to make an effort to print these goals out this month so that I can see them.  I'm usually pretty good with my goals but, I feel like I've been slacking a bit the last few months & that needs to change!!

What are your goals for January?



  1. Get a massage! I like that goal :) The word budget scares me but I am doing the 52 week money challenge to help me start saving!

  2. Writing goals for the month always makes me feel so much more organized and productive even before I tackle them! These are great goals, especially 'get a massage'! xoxo, Lindsay

    1. Yes, it really does help!! I've been needing to get a massage for a while now so, I just need to make myself a priority. Sad I have to put it on a to-do/goal list! HAHA!


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