Monday, January 6, 2014

Turns Out I'm Clumsy

What a great first weekend to start off 2014!  A little house cleaning, a little shopping, a little girlfriend time, a little impromptu date night & a little r&r... Does it get any better??

Saturday morning my girlfriends met at my house suuu-per early, ok 7:30 but early for a Saturday, & drove to Canton for First Monday.  I was on the hunt for dining room chairs & other house decorations and was able to find 3 chairs that I think will go perfect with the dining table Matt is building us! {Pics coming soon}
It was so cold that morning but, turned out to be a beautiful day - perfect for shopping!

Saturday night Matt & I decided to go out for a little date night - dinner & a late movie.  We wanted to check out the new drive-in movie theater in Ft. Worth but dinner lasted too long so we settled on the regular theater & went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  Either it wasn't a great movie or we were up past our bedtime... we both struggled to stay awake almost the entire time!  #partypeople

Highlights of the night would include, funny inside jokes, my husband sporting his cowboy hat, & me spilling a margarita all down the side of Matt's pant leg at the dinner table.  Yep.  Awesome move on my part.  I felt awful about it but, thankfully Matt was a trooper.  Poor guy...



  1. SOunds like a great weekend! :)

  2. It really doesn't get any better than date night with your main squeeze, date night with your girlfriends, and a little bit of R+R! I spilt warm butter on a pregnant lady when I was waitressing once, and I was mortified. SO I totally relate to your clumsiness lol. xox

  3. That table Matt is building is going to be so special and mean more than any table money can buy. I need to plan a Canton trip I haven't been in ages. Im always spilling things too or getting food on my shirt. How cool about the drive in theater.

  4. sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I have never been to a drive-in and I think that is such a sin! they sound like so much fun!

    margarita bueno!! but i bet he smelled great the rest of the night! hahah



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